Matte Black Corrugated Box Printed Inside and Outside

Corrugated Box can be beautiful and high-end. Sometimes it can rival the rigid paper box when you get a great design. The matte black corrugated box below which is printed inside and outside is a great case in point.

corrugated box printed inside and outside
Matt black E flute corrugated box printed inside and outside.

The core concept for the box design is simplicity. Only 2 colors are used, black and green. It has the matte black laminating outside the box and the semi-glossy varnishing finish inside. The two colors blends quite well, which is very aesthetically pleasing. On the top of the box is the line drawings, while on the back of the box is the brand name and the website address.

E flute corrugated box printed inside
The inside printing of the corrugated box is green color with the text design.

Another important factor of the successful design of the box is the E flute corrugated board used, which has the great combination of strength and beauty. It is only 2mm in thickness,, leading to a crisp image printing.

corrugated die-cut mailer box
A typical corrugate die-cut box for the flap shipping.

The special structure of the box is roll end tuck top with the dust flaps, which makes the box strong enough for the postage and express purpose. This is also a typical mailer box.

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