Corrugated Display Box – POP display

corrugated display box pop display
Front view of the corrugated display box.

Recently we made a POP display box for an American client who used the box to pack the mist humidifier. The client sent us 12 mist humidifiers and let us to create the display template for them. The humidifier is very well designed, which has a very attractive look, like a tulip.  The stem of the tulip is fixed inside a clam-shell blister, which is used to pack the cords of the device.

corrugated display box pop display
Corrugated POP display for the pack of the mist humidifiers, which is like a lovely and adorable tulip.

The corrugated POP display box consists of 3 parts, the display box and 2 separate die-cut inserts. The clam-shell blister of the humidifier can slide into the cut of the white insert below. It is made of the E flute corrugated board, which is the same as the display box. The brown die-cut paperboard below is a very thick corrugated board, which has the AB flute combination. It is around 9mm in thickness, used to fasten the base of the humidifier and to prevent it from moving side to side.

corrugated inserts for pop display box
Unfold view of the POP display box, consisting of 3 parts.

The print design for the pop display box is quite clean and simple. The printing color turns out very crisp and vivid. It is a typical CMYK full color printed corrugated display. When the printing is finished, we laminate a glossy film on the top of the inks to protect the graphics from scratching and smudging. The glossy laminate is used used to prevent the folds of the display box from cracking.





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