F flute Corrugated Printed Box

F flute corrugated printed box is usually used for the light-weight products packaging when durability and stiffness is an requirement. Compared with the SBS C1S 24pt paperboard, it is both strong and beautiful. Recently we made a F flute printed for a Norwegian client.

F flute corrugated printed box
F flute corrugated printed box. CMYK full color printing outside and white color inside.

The corrugated box is white color inside and CMYK full color printed outside. Also it has the glossy laminating outside, which is used to add a glossy finish onto the printing inks. Also the laminating can effectively avoid the cracks on the folds.

For the structure, it is a typical RTE style paper box, which has the reverse tuck ends on the top and bottom.  And the box can be easily assembled within minutes.

reverse tuck end paper box
Reverse tuck end box style for the F flute corrugated printed box. The green printing makes you think of the spectacular forest scenes in Norway.

Another good point of the F flute box is its thickness. It is only 1mm in thickness.  The custom can hardly notice the flutes inside the paperboard, which makes the box quite pretty with the white inside color. Also it can effectively reduce the box volume for the shipment and storage.

Our clients used a paper box before which is made of the SBS C1S paperboard. The board is only 0.55mm in thickness. He complained that the box was too weak for the postage purpose. The box got crushed during the express delivery, making them look quite bad. Now they use the F flute corrugated printed box, which provides enough stiffness and strength for the mail service.

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