A Pink Color Lift Off Lid Rigid Box

This article is a about a pink color printed rigid box with the lift off lid. We made this box for a client in USA. Unlike most detachable lid rigid boxes which has the same height for the top lid and bottom base. This box has the lid which is only 1/3 the height of the base box.

pink color lift off lid rigid box
The height of the lid is much shorter than the base, which makes the printing on the base sides possible.

The lift off lid rigid box is also referred to the detachable lid box. Some people call it the lid and base box. Such boxes are easy to make but very efficient for the product packaging. The box consists of 2 categories. For one type of the box, the lid covers the whole body of the base and they have the same height. For the other type of the box, the lid only covers part of the base. Because less material is used, the later is usually cheaper.

lid and base rigid paper box
Pink color printing inside and out for the lid and base rigid box

This box is nearly a cubic box which has the size 4*4*5″ for the base and 4*4*1.5″ for the lid. The box is also printed pink color inside and out the base and lid. It is made of the 2mm greyboard, which gives enough rigidity and strength to the box. For the printing and finish, it is CMYK full color printed and matte laminated. Actually, the text patterns can also be spot UV varnished to make a better box.

In general, the box has not the complicated finish and the design the simple, but looks very beautiful.


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