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  • Rigid Box With Lift Off Lid

    The lift off lid rigid box is one of our most featured cardboard gift box products. The box consists of two parts, the top lid|cover and the bottom box. The lid is detachable and can be lift off easily. Therefore, it is also referred to as the detachable lid rigid set up box.

    In our factory, we have the specialized equipment for the die-cut of the chipboard. Also we have the very skilled workers for the surface liner paper wrapping and gluing. The rigid box we made are eye-appealing, very suitable for the product presentation and increasing the brand recognition. It gives the customers a great quality and luxury feel.

    Rigid Shoulder Box and Neck Box

    The rigid shoulder box and neck box are both special detachable lid boxes, three-piece rigid boxes.

    rigid shoulder box, rigid neck box

    Paper Material for Rigid Box

    The unlined board and white lined chipboard come in 1mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm. For the wraping liner paper outside, we use the famous Magno Series art coated paper, Magno Gloss, Magno Satin, Magno Matte from the Sappi Group.

    Rigid Box Printing and Finish

    The very high quality UV printing, Spot UV printing, Foil Stamping are available to the rigid box lid. For the color printing, the CMYK color printing and the pantone color printing are available thanks to our Heidelberg and ManRoland printing press.

    Matte Rigid Box

    Below is an ordinary cardboard rigid box with the matte lid.

    cardboard rigid box with lift off lid

    Foil Stamping

    Below is a cardboard gift box with the very impressive foil stamping. The copper color metallic foil paper is applied.

    foil stamped cardboard rigid box with lift off lid

    Spot UV

    Below is a logo spot UV varnished rigid neck box. On the top lid, the words 10/16 are UV varnished, making an ordinary paper box stand out immediately. Below are 2 rigid neck boxes with the foil stamped logo.

    spot UV logo rigid box with lift off lid

    Glossy&Matte Black Lift Off Lid Rigid Box

    Matte Black Rigid Box

    Matte blalck is a very popular finish for the rigid boxes. The matte finish can be achieved either by the blood black color printing or the black specialty paper.

    For the black color printed rigid box, the 128gsm/157gsm wraps are litho printed first. The CMYK value combination is usually C=30%, K=100% to get the best black effect. After the printing, we do the matte laminating on the wraps to protect the inks and to achieve the matte finish. However, there is a very annoying problem for the ordinary matte laminating on the black printing. It is easy to dirt, scratch and smudge. In order to reduce such problems, we use the soft touch laminating, which is scuff resistant.

    While for the black specialty made rigid box, there is a little problem too, but can be neglected. There will be a little color variation for the black color.

    matte black rigid box with lift off lid

    The box in the picture has the spot UV finish for the rectangular images on the lid and the gold inks printing for the brand image and text above.

    Glossy Black Rigid Box

    The glossy black rigid box is very popular too. Check the beautiful box in the images below.

    glossy black rigid box with lift off lid

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