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  • Tuck Top Snap Bottom Box

    The tuck top snap bottom box is one of the most popular box styles for the products packaging. It is widely used in various industry for the products packaging. It is usually made of the E flute corrugated board because of the perfect combination of the printing beauty and strength.

    tuck top snap bottom E flute corrugated box

    How to Setup the Snap Botom Box

    The snap bottom paper box, also referred to as the 1-2-3 bottom printed box is well known for its 3 steps bottom closure process. With respect to the bottom strength, the snap bottom is stronger than the tuck bottom box, but weaker than the auto-locked bottom box. While with respect to the costs, the snap bottom costs less than the auto bottom and tuck bottom. Therefore, the snap bottom box is a comprimise between the tuck bottom printed box and the auto-locked bottom paper box. The snap locked bottom box invariably goes with the tuck top, which is know as the TTSLB box

    1-2-3 bottom box, the 3 step closure process
    creative custom corrugated printed box with the snap bottom

    The Good Points and Weak Points of the Snap Bottom Box

    • With respect to the costs and bottom strength, the snap locked bottom is a compromise between the auto locked bottom and tuck bottom box.
    • flat shipping to reduce the transportation volume and warehouse rent cost
    • it takes a little longer to assemble the box by hand
    • can be made by a variety of paper materials, SBS paperboard, white lined chipboard, kraft paperboard and the corrugated board at 21pt, 24pt thickness.

    The snap bottom usually goes with the tuck top to make the E flute corrugated printed boxes. It is widely used for the toys packaging, which has a clear window or corner window on the front to present the toys inside.

    tuck top snap bottom E flute corrugated printed box with the clear window

    This is a E flute corrugated printed box with the tuck top and snap bottom. The box has the clear window and glossy laminating outside. We are honored to make this beautiful paper box for Kaspersky.

    tuck top snap bottom E flute corrugated box

    Free Dieline Template Creating for the Snap Bottom Box

    An accurated dielie is created based on the paper material properties. In DE Printed Box, we provide the free custom dieline template for our clients. Then our clients can send the template directly to the designer to put the print design on. Email at to request a free custom tuck top snap bottom box template.

    free dieline template creating for the snap bottom box

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