A Glossy T-shirt Packaging and Mailing Box

Traditionally, the telscope box style is very popular among the T-shirt and underwear packaging. The corrugated printed box has a top cover and a bottom base, which are seperate. And it is made of the SBS or CCNB paperboard with the very beautiful offset printing and finish. However, the E flute corrugated box is easily crushed during the transit and distribution. When the products are in the hands of the consumer, they are wrinkled and damanged, looking very bad.

T-shirt packaging and mailing box, corrugated mailer box
T-shirt Packaging and Mailing Box

T-shirt Packaging Box Details

Recently Paul from Seymour Whyte Constructions Pty Ltd lets us create a T-shirt box which is quite different. The box need be strong and elegant and suitable for mailing. Therefore, we adopt the new box style, paperboard material and printing for the packaging box. Below are the details:

  • Litho-laminated packaging made of the single face E flute corrugated board lined with the 300gsm CCNB paperboard.
  • Roll End Front Locked box style with the dust flaps
  • Very limited color(black color + Pantone 3459 C) and shape (only arrows + logo) used to create the print design.
  • White liner paper inside to give the box a white clean inner surface
The T-shirt Box Can Be Flat Shipped, corrugated printed box
The T-shirt Box Can Be Flat ShippedUnique Points of the T-Shirt Box

What are special or the unique points of the package above? You may wonder. Here are why.

  • Litho Laminination: a litho-laminated paper box can have both the structural strength of the corrugated carton and the aesthetics of the paper folding box.
  • The R.E.F.L box structure are strong enough to prevent the box from damaging during the mailing; quite resistant to rough-handling.
  • The simple design gives the box a very clean and neat feel, a perfect match for the T-shirt packaging. Business people always want to give their clients an organized impression.
T-shirt-packaging-box-with-white-linerboard-inside, E flute corrugated box
White Inner Surface

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