A Sturdy Shipping And Mailing Corrugated Box

Strong Corrugated Mailer Box

A sturdy shipping and mailing corrugated box is going to be introduced in this post. It is a corrugated printed box made of the F flute corrugated board, which is also a corrugated box printed inside and outside. The paper printed box features the soft touch laminating outside, which adds a very impressive feel and look to the package.

corrugated mailer corrugated printed box
The corrugated mailer has the self tuck closure on the end.

Corrugated Box Strength

The strength, durability and sturdiness comes from the special and unique structure of the corrugated mailer. The paper box can be assembled automatically without the help of the glue water or tape. On the sides, the 2 strong shoulders provide significant support so that the boxes can be stacked high. At the end, the box has a self tuck closure with 2 rear flaps inserting into the sides.

E flute F flute corrugated box mailer shipping box
The red light and black stereo both have the UV glossy effect.

Color Printing And Finish

Another good thing about this shipping and mailing carton box is its printing and finish. The corrugated printed box has the full color lith printing. And the light and stereo on the box has the UV glossy finish to create a striking eye appealing effect. Meantime, a soft touch laminating finish is applied to add velvet touch feel onto the surface of the paper printed box.

Microflute Corrugated Board

The last advantage of this printed paper box is its material, which is the F flute corrugated board. The F flute corrugated board is only 1.2mm in thickness, but double the thickness of the normal ivory paperboard or SBS paperboard. The extra thickness adds extra strength to the paper box without affecting the great printing property of the printed sheet. Besides, the F flute, we can also supply the E flute, B flute, EE flute and a lot of other corrugated board materials.



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