A4 Size Rigid Paper Box for Document

A well designed rigid paper box for the A4 size document papers can definitely make them more professional and high efficiency. Recently we made such a custom rigid paper box for a USA client. The box is usually referred to archive rigid paper box in general or archive paper box.

Works like a slipcase with the velcro closure

The cardboard archive box works like a slipcase. The office staff can easily slide the A4 papers inside and seal the box by the velcro closure  to keep the documents safe.

The velcro is 8mm in diameter, white color, which makes the box look very smart. The main advantage of the velcro closure is that it makes the box easy to open and close. Meantime, it keeps the documents safe inside without falling out.

customer rigid paper box for A4 papers document
Velcro closure for the rigid paper box, working like a slipcase for the office staff to slide into the A4 papers easily.

Glossy laminating

Unlike most other premium rigid boxes with the matte laminating or soft touch finish, the custom rigid box uses the ordinary glossy laminating outside, which conversely gives the folder a brilliant eye-appealing effect.

custom rigid paper box for A4 papers document
Glossy laminating outside for the custom rigid paper box

UV litho printing

Compared with the traditional litho printing, the UV printing makes the color more crisp on the paper box. The color printing on the cardboard paper box is quite simple, grey background color with the orange color ribbon in the middle.

Besides the orange version of the rigid paper box, we also make a red version, which is more beautiful.

Rigidity and Strength of the archive box

3mm chipboard is used to make the rigid archive paper box, which is quite strong for the rough handling.

rigid paper box for archive A4 papers
The other rigid archive paper box in red color

As a leading China paper box manufacturer and supplier, Shanghai DE Printed Box is a professional rigid paper box supplier and manufacturer, located in Shanghai of China. If you have a custom rigid paper box to make, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email.

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