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A Nice Kraft Paper Bag With Black Color Printing

The kraft paper box and kraft paper bag is widely used for the package in various industry. The kraft color looks more natural and environmental friendly. And the paper is very durable and strong, which is very ideal for the protection purpose. In this post, we will introduce a nice kraft paper bag with the black color printing for the texts and pictures, which is particularly designed for the package of the 3D wooden jigsaw puzzle.

kraft paper box

A custom paper box made of the kraft paper to pack the 3D wooden jigsaw puzzle.

The design of the kraft paper bag is simple but of beauty, with just the black color and white color. At the bottom of the package is a triangle diecut window to show the jigsaw puazzle inside. A wooden wolf is printed on the white rectangle and the rabbits, carrots, deers are printed on the kraft background. The whole design fits the wooden color very well, which has the similar kraft tone.

The thickness of the kraft paper bag is 0.3mm, which is durable enough to protect the jigsaw puzzle inside. On the back, there is a very creative design for the closure, simple but effective.

And there are just a few simple black curves on the back, which looks quite great. The closure structre has a tongue, which slides into a diecut hole on the back.

kraft paper printed box custom paper box

Closure on the back of the kraft paper box with a tougue.

Folding Paper Boxes & Trays

The folding paper boxes, trays are simple diecut paper boxes, which can be assembled easily without the help of the glue. Unlike the rigid paper boxes, they are usually packed in the flat state and are shipped flat. It is a very popular paper printed box for the light-weight products, like gifts and chocolates.

folding paper box tray

The folding paper box has the cover and base, which are both folding paper trays.

The folding paper boxes and trays are usually made of the thin paperboards, like CCNB chipboard, SBS C1S, C2S paperboard, F flute corrugated board according to the strength requirement. The lift off lid paper box above is a custom paper box for the snack food, almond toffee. It is made of the 20pt 350gsm SBS C1S paperboard. The cover and base are both paper trays, which come together to have a lift off lid paper box structure.

folding paper box tray lift off lid paper box

The folding paper box is CMYK full color printed outside and white color inside.

The custom paper box has 2 separate parts, the top cover and the bottom base. Both has the CMYK full color printing outside and white color inside. The printed box has the glossy laminating finish to have a glossy effect outside.

There are 2 main benefits for such a folding paper box. First, it is a simple diecut paper box, which can be set up without the help of the glue. Therefore, it is more environmental friendly. Second, the boxes can be shipped flat, packed flat. There are less fees for the delivery and warehouse storage. The bad thing is that it takes some time to assemble it. Like any other boxes, there is not a perfect solution.

Inquiry from the client:

Hi Kris,

We are a small business in Australia looking for prices on custom boxes we already get made locally. Looking over your website I can’t see anything like we currently use so I have got our Dieline Template attached for you to look at and see if you can create this style for us.

As I’ve stated on the Templates all measurements are in mm and they are 0.5mm paperboard.
I have also attached a photo to show the glued sections on both the lid and base with all other lines pressed so we can fold it up for packaging.
I have also attached 1 of the 4 designs we currently use. All are very similar. We are looking at a few new designs on the same style boxes.
If you can accomodate making this type of packaging can you give a quote for 20,000 units. 
If you need any more information please let me know.
Thanks Andrew Schembri


UV Printing and Custom Paper Box

The UV printing is widely used for the premium packages, which is a special litho printing technology.  During the printing process, the UV inks are dried instantly by the UV light. Thereafter, the printed paperboard can be processed directly for the die-cutting, foil stamping and embossing. Thus, the turn-around time is reduced.

UV printing and custom paper box

UV Printing and Custom Paper Box

Another benefit we can get from the UV printing is the crisp image reproduced on the custom paper box. The printed paper box has the finer details and vivid colors.  Therefore, if you are looking for a custom paper box of good definition and vibrant color, the UV printing is a very good option.

For many special paperboards which have the gorgeous textures and patterns, the traditional offset printing just doesn’t work very well due to the limitation of the thickness or smoothness. However, the UV printing works. The UV printing has a less strict requirement for the paper materials. For the cosmetic paper boxes, the 24pt SBS C2S paperboard is usually used, but it is too thick for the litho printing, while the UV printing can work very well. The black special paperboard is also widely used for the custom paper boxes and UV printing can render the best printing quality.

UV glossy printing corrugated printed box

UV Glossy Corrugated Printed Box

Besides the high definition of the printing quality, the UV printing can also produce the very high glossy effect on the paper printed boxes and corrugated printed boxes. Meanwhile, the inks are prevented from fading with time.

There is another great benefit for the UV printed paper boxes. It is scratch resistant. Once the UV inks is dried by the UV light, the UV inks on the surface becomes very hard. It can well protect the custom paper box from scratching and dirt.

Shanghai DE Printed Box is a custom paper box supplier located in Shanghai, China. It can produces the very high quality UV printed paper boxes and corrugated boxes. If you need a custom UV printed paper box, please contact us.