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Gift Paper Box With Paperboard Insert

The rigid paper boxes are widely used as cosmetic paper boxes and gift paper boxes with the custom paperboard insert. The paperboard inserts are mostly used to separate to the different items in the box while having the purpose to protect the items inside. Besides, the paperboard insert can also hold the item inside very well, fixing the product inside. However, the EVA foam inserts have the better protection quality and cushion quality compared with the paperboard insert.

In this article, we will talk about a metallic paperboard insert which has the matte golden metallic visual effect. The insert are placed inside a lift off lid rigid paper box, which is used as a cosmetic paper box.

lift off lid paper box with paperboard insert

The lift off lid paper box has the paperboard insert inside. The insert is a piece of gold metallic paperboard, which has the matte gold visual effect.

One of the great benefit of a paperboard insert is that it is very cost effective and it is very cheap. When a pcs of EVA foam insert is not very necessary, the paperboard insert can save quite a lot and be an alternative. It is widely used for the packaging of the facial masks and eye masks which are put inside a palstic bag. And there is no risk of breaking the products inside during the shipment and delivery.

E Flute Corrugated Printed Box For Toy Bricks

The toy bricks are usually packed inside the custom corrugated boxes. The E flute corrugated box is particularly used for this purpose. This corrugated printed box has the structure of roll end tuck front with dust flaps.

The most impressive thing about the toy bricks box is its brilliant glossy white effect outside. A kind of very high quality paperboard is used during the production to render the best whiteness and printing effect. Meanwhile, the UV glossy varnish is applied on the printing surface to protect and enhance the visual effect of the package. It is made of the E flute corrugated board.

UV glossy corrugated printed box

The corrugated printed box has the UV glossy outside with the full color CMYK litho printing.

Beside the normal CMYK full color litho printing, the custom paper box also has the gold inks printing for the text TIANANMEN and the gold area on the left.  The gold inks printing is a special printing method using metalic inks to produce the gold shinning effect. It is very eye appealing and impressive.

Another great feature of the E flute corrugated box is that it has the white color inside. This makes the toy bricks paper box look quite clean.

E flute corrugated printed box for toy blocks

It is white color inside the E flute corrugated printed box.

Like most retail paper boxes, the custom paper box can also acts as a corrugated mailer box for the delivery to the customers. The paper printed box is quite strong and rigid.

A Slide Paper Box For Pasta

Like a match box, the slide paper box, also referred to as slide open box has nearly the same box structure, which consists of a paper sleeve outside and a tray or drawer inside. In this article, we will talk about a custom paper box which is specially designed for the pasta. It works as a gift paper box, which has a slend body.

slide open box slide paper box match box gift paper box

The pasta paper box consists of 3 separate parts, a cardboard insert, a tray and a sleeve.

The pasta paper box consists of 3 separate parts, a cardboard insert, a tray and a sleeve. The insert works as a manual or handbook while hiding the white parts inside the tray. The tray can easily slide into the sleeve at the bottom. The tray is a folding paper box which has a creative box structure, then the box can be assembled without any glue or tape applied.

slide open paper box gift paper box custom paper box

The custom paper box can slide open easily.

The custom paper box is a custom paper box made of the SBS C1S paperboard. The paperboard has the great quality for creasing, folding and die cuting.

One of the great benefits of such a fold paper box is its premium look, but the price is quite cheaper than a rigid gift paper box. In one word, the box is quite cost effective. The color theme for the custom paper box is a pantone red, which has the very good consistence and accuracy.