Packaging Design

Packaging Box design is the process of creating a custom paper boxes to safely package a product while realizing its marketing value. Get inspired to create your unique packaging design.

Rigid Paper Box With Drawer

A good package of jewelry products is supposed be more than a paper box. It needs to satisfy the various need of the retailers for protection, packing, presentation and display. The rigid paper boxes are usually well designed to have these functions all together in one box. In this article, we will talk about a …

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A Rigid Paper Box For Display

For the cosmetic products and jewelry products, the package are supposed to be beautiful, luxury and eye-appealing and the custom rigid paper boxes are mostly used for this packaging purpose. Meanwhile, the cosmetic retailers usually also need the package to hold, present and display their products in the store. Therefore, a rigid paper box with …

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A Complete Guide to UV Printing in Paper Package

UV technology offers the package printing manufacturers an alternative to the conventional litho offset printing. It is divided into two categories, UV offset printing and UV varnishing. UV offset printing has the same mechanism as the conventional litho offset printing, exepting that the special formulated UV inks dries through a completely different process. As a …

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