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Custom Paper Box With Spot UV and Embossing

This article is about a coffee paper box know as Ue Coffee Roasters pod box with the details below.

custom paper box with spot UV

Spot UV and Embossing for the logo UE COFFEE ROASTERS

Below is the artwork file for what will be known as the Ue Coffee Roasters pod box. The artwork shows the embossed area which is the UE COFFEE ROASTERS in magenta which needs to be embossed and then spot UV added to this area only. The paper printed box will also need a matte laminate applied so that it sits perfectly alongside the other retail paper box of the company.

The artwork of the custom paper box should be self-explanatory but here are the instructions just in case anything does not make sense;

paper printed box with spot UV and embossing finish

The coffee paper box has the logo spot UV varnished and embossed.

  • Box dimension 282mm x 38mm x 38mm (internal dimensions)
  • Reverse tuck end both ends
  • 500 micron white back folding boxboard
  • Emboss to one panel (UE COFFEE ROASTERS coloured magenta on artwork)
  • Spot UV varnish same area as embossing
  • Two colour print to outside (cyan and black)

Quote For Box Similar iPhone Style Box

iphone box style custom paper box

Custom Paper Box Similar to the iPhone Box.

I read your article in the link below and am looking for something similar.

I am looking for a custom paper box which will hold a 10ml essential oil bottle and want it to quality packaging like the iPhone box and also the box shown in the links below
As the video shows, it is a two part rigid box where the bottom part has a shoulder which the top part slides into and closes together with a flush fitting. The dimensions of the box when closed is as below
length 13cm
width 9cm
height 5 cm when closed so each half will measure 2.5cm but the bottom part will have a raised shoulder (this raised shoulder is 1.2 cm on the Byredo box).
As per the iPhone box the bottom half will be reinforced cardboard, the Byredo box which I have measured is 2.5mm thick on the outside box and the internal shoulder is about 2mm.
This colour is matt white as per both the iPhone and Byredo boxes.
The bottom part of the box which holds the bottle will be a cardboard inlay as per the Byredo box.
A logo will be needed on the top face of the top part and possibly on the sides as per an iPhone box.  This could be a debossed logo on the top or hot foil as per your example in the link. This is not needed for the initial quote but if possible, please provide usual costs involves with printing of logos, debossing and hot foil printing.
Please quote a price for your minimum order quantity but this could run into tens of thousands if successful.
I am based in the UK so you can quote your delivery fees.
I trust that I have provided enough information so that you can provide a quote.  If it saves time, please quote a rough figure for your box in the link on your website and then I can provide more detailed specifications if this is acceptable.
Many thanks for your help and assistance in this matter.
Best regards

Inquiry for folding cardboard boxes and accessories

custom perfume paper box with corrugated paperboard insert

The custom perfume paper box and its white corrugated paperboard insert

The project is drawn out in this download (Adobe Illustrator PDFs in ZIP):…(if you need .ai project please let me know).
Cut lines for the custom paper box are magenta, creasing lines are cyan. The glueing for box wrap is not shown, but it’s on the right “leftover” part of the project/ You’ll know when you see it.
Spot UV – a yellow spot overprint.
The list for the printed paper box:
1. Box wrap, GC1 board paper 300g/m2, print CMYK 4/0 + matte foil one side + Spot UV + sticky strips. Qty: 30 x 100pcs. Please remember that there are 30 different UV masks for Spot UV (we use different shapes for pictures, texts etc). The box wrap has to fit well the Inner box (tight enough). Is it possible that we get wraps finished (stickied) – we need to be sure that they fit the Inner box perfectly.
2. Inner box (2-piece, bottom and cover), GC1 board paper 300g/m2, print  CMYK 4/4 + matte foil one side + sticky strips. Qty: 3000 sets. For the inner box we have two different designs possible, but eventually we will use only one, so please quote only one.
Boxes delivered flat for assembly by us. But they have to match the box wrap.
3. Rigid insert, GC1 board paper 300g/m2, print CMYK 4/0. Qty: 3000pcs.
4a. Hang tags (two piece), GC1 board paper 400g/m2, print CMYK 4/4 + matte foil two sides + Spot UV (for the black piece). Qty: 3000-5000 sets.
4b. Hang tags (two piece), GC1 board paper 400g/m2, print CMYK 4/4 + matte dispersion varnish both sides. Qty: 3000-5000 sets. (version with white text instead of Spot UV, no foil finishing
5. Wrap paper, delicate tissue paper 17-20g/m2, white print one side, ready sheets in provided size (see project file). Qty: 3000szt. (more if necessary due to production process)
If you can, please also quote string seal tags, version flat printed on both sides (no emboss). Qty 3000-5000
What would be shipping cost for all of the above to 45-301 Opole, Poland.
Is it possible to get Inserts (3) shipped to factory in China or Taiwan for them to use before they ship hosiery products to us?
Would you recommend other type of paper (instead of GC1 300gsm and 400gsm)? We need rigid paper that offers good white color for wrap, box, insert, and even thicker paper for hang tags?
And the last question, is it possible to get some samples of our designs printed on target paper (GC1 and other offered paper) with target finishing? (no cutting necessary)
Any questions, please feel free to ask.