F Flute Corrugated Box

In this post, we will talk about a F flute corrugated box, printed inside and outside. It is used to pack the home testing kits.

The custom packaging is used as a mailer box for the mailing and postage purpose. Therefore, the paper printed box are required to be rigid and durable. Also, the custom corrugated box has the pretty printing inside and outside. inside the paper printed box is a printed cardboard insert .

It is made of the micro flute corrugated board.

F flute corrugated printed box

Matte look micro flute corrugated box

The client absolutely loves our packaging and wanted to reach out to see if we could help with the packaging of a soon to launch product (Home testing kits) for their company, Doctoori Connect, which sells medical testing kits that users can order to their homes. They already have the design in place and would like the packaging to be eco-friendly and sustainable.

micro flute corrugated box printed

The F flute corrugated box is printed inside and outside.

Here are the components of the kit they will need our help with:

  • An outer cardboard box with custom doctoori branding and design
  • A small card inside the box with instructions on how to take the test and return the test back to us  (DESIGN TO BE PROVIDED SOON)
  • Two cardboard/paper boxes or flaps inside the box – one for taking the test and the other one for sending the sample back to us.
corrugated mailer box mailing box

It has the roll tuck end with dust flaps on the sides.