E Flute Corrugated Printed Box With Handle

Color Printing

This is a E flue corrugated box for the cat food packaging. It has the full color offset printing with the glossy laminating outside. The main color tone is red.

Corrugated Printed Box with Integral Handle

Portable Handle

On the tuck top, there is a handle for easy carrying. It is a integral part of the corrugated printed box, which is well design and diecut. For the bottom, it is a snap locked bottom. The handle makes the carton box very easy to carry, very eye-appealing in the store. Therefore, it is a portable paper printed box.

Empty window on the front

Since it is a large size plastic cat food bag inside the paper box, we create a medium size empty window cutout on the front. Then the customers can touch the food bag directly.

corrugated printed box
Cutout window on the front of the E flute corrugated box

The E flute corrugated box combines the beauty of the SBS paperboard box and the rigidity of the corrugated board. Here we line the 2-ply E flute corrugated board with the 300gsm duple board with grey back (also called white lined chipboard).

The cutout window on the front panel can also be covered and glued with the clear PET or PVC sleeves for the presentation and display purpose.

Shanghai DE Printed Box can supply you the custom free dieline template based on your actual box size, then you can add your artwork design on the template.

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