Corrugated Box With Inserts of Round Cuts For Bottles

The corrugated printed box can have different corrugated paperboard inserts, which are used to fasten the products inside paper box. A good insert can well protect the items inside from collision during the delivery or rough handling process. For the corrugated printed box, some inserts are thermo-formed tray, while for some, the corrugated board is die-cut to make the insert. In this article, we will talk about a corrugated inserts for bottles.

Satin Black Corrugated Paper Box
The corrugated printed box has the black color with the satin finish outside. It looks very gorgeous and fantastic.
corrugated insert with round cuts or holes
The corrugated inserts are white outside and have many round cuts, holes to hold the small plastic bottles.

For the items that are fragile, easily broken and damaged, the corrugated board can work as a great cushion again the collsion and impact during the transportation.

Another great benefits of the corrugated insert is its cost-effectiveness. It is very cheap. And it is very easy to produce these inserts.  A custom cutting die is all we need. You can cut any shape that you like on the insert to hold your product.

What’s more, the corrugated paperboard is highly customizable according to the packaging requirement, no matter it is a heavy duty carton box or a light weight paper box. And the size of the corrugated box can be extremely big or very small.

Tuck Top Snap Locked Bottom Paper Box
The corrugated printed box has the tuck top and snap locked bottom. It is CMYK full color litho printed.

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