Strong and Rigid Lift Off Lid Paper Box Made of Corrugated Board

The F flute corrugated board is just 1mm in thickness, quite slimy. This great characteristic makes it pefect to make a strong and rigid lift off lid paper box. Thus, you can be free of the anxiety of the product safety during the delivery and rough handling process. In this article, we will talk about such a detachable lid corrugated paper box.

black color lift off lid rigid paper box
The lift off lid paper box is black color with the satin finish, which is made of the corrugated board.
lift off lid corrugated paper box
White color corrugated paper box, with the thermoformed plastic tray insert inside.

The lift off lid corrugated paper box features a very creative box structure, which is completely a die cut paper box and a complete folding paper box. That is, the paper box can be assembled and set up within minute without the help of the tape or glue water. Thus, the corrugated box will be flat shipped to the workshop or warehouse of our client. This feature can save hundreds of dollars sea freight fees.

lift off lid rigid paper box
F flute corrugated box. The paper box will be packed in the flat sheet state and shipped flat.

Another nice feature of the F flute corrugated paper box is the white color inside and outside. It is quite impressive due to the white, clean and pure look outside when you don’t want the kraft color effect inside or outside,

What’s more, the assembling process for the lift off lid paper box is quite simple. Our designer spent days to create this smart box structure, then the box can be set up without any glue water or tape.  Below is the assembling process, which is quite simple.

Corrugated Paper Box Lift Off Lid Cover and Base Tray
The assembling process for the lift off lid corrugated paper box. It is very simple and takes only a couple of steps.

The purpose of the lift off lid corrugated box is to protect the plastic bottles inside. The clients ask us to make a strong paper box for the safe packing and shipping. Also, there is a black color thermoformed plastic tray inside the corrugated tray. The box has a structure of a cover and a base.

corrugated box with thermoformed tray insert
Corrugated paper box with black color thermoformed tray insert.

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