Corrugated Mailer Box With Tuck Closure Lock

The corrugated mailer box usually has the roll end tuck front box structure with the dust flaps on the sides. The mailing box is typically set up and closed by hand, very quickly assembled and easy to use.

corrugated printed box corrugated mailer box
The corrugated mailer has the tuck lock on the front panel to close the box tightly.

The mailer box is die cut out of a whole piece of E flute, or B flute corrugated board, with connected lid, front panel and bottom tray. The front panel has the roll end on the sides to tuck into the bottom tray. With such structure, the corrugated printed box provides extremely sturdy support on the sides and front panel. The corrugated mailer could handle heavy duty packaging and shipment directly,

In this post, we will introduce a special corrugated mailer box. The mailer box has the tuck lock on the front panel for tight closure.  With this tuck closure, the tape can be avoided to seal the box well. Besides, it has a half finger cutout to open the box easily.

corruagated printed box corrugated mailer
The tuck closure on the front panel of the corrugated printed box

The other appealing feature of the corrugated printed box is its white kraft color inside, which is a perfect alternative to the kraft color inside. The white kraft color comes from the white kraft paper, which is gluded on the back of the fluting paper box.

On the outside, the corrugated printed box has the full color printing for the UV box.  And there is a blue color printing for the background color. The top and the bottom has the white color. The print ink outside is protected by the matte laminating finish. Also, the UV box can be spot UV varnished to have an eye appealing visual effect.

E flute corrugated printed box
E flute corrugated printed box

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