Jewelry Paper Box With Gold Foil Stamping

Jewelry Packaging Box

Jewelry is usually worn for the personal adornment of the ear, neck, hand, finger and some other parts of the body. And it is usually a piece of work of a fine art, which has a very strict and high demand for the package. The package needs to look beautiful, attractive and upscale.

The paper printed boxes are widely adopted in the package of the jewelry products with the custom size, shape, printing and finish. The jewelry paper boxes include the ring paper box, necklace paper box, earring paper box and bracelet paper box. In this article, we will take about a jewelry paper box with the gold foil stamping.

jewelry paper box with gold foil stamping
Jewelry Paper Box With Gold Foil Stamping

Aura Jewelry Paper Box

Recently we made a sample box for Aura Jewelry, which is a very well-know brand in Europe.  There are several designs, each of which was printed with a solid PMS color for the under-painting. Thereafter, a soft touch finish was added to the printed paper box by doing a soft touch laminating outside, which gives the paper box a velvet touch outside, soft, smooth and silken.

Thereafter, the logo was gold foil stamped. The interesting and intriguing part of the custom paper box is the crown like logo, which consists of a lot of fine dots and lines. They very almost inconspicuous. The foil stamping for the logo would be quite demanding, which would require much time, effort and attention.

Jewelry Paper Boxes of 7 different designs,
each of which has a PMS color printed as under painting.

With regard to the box structure, the jewelry paper box adopts the a straight tuck end paper box style. Because the length, width and height of the printed paper box have the same dimension, it is like a cube, which is also referred to cubic paper box.

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