Matte Black Paper Box for Wine Glass Packaging.

This article is about a wine glass packaging box, which is matte black with the glossy silver foil stamping.  We made the custom paper box for The Queens Jewels in USA.

custom paper box for wine glass
The wine glass is pretty, but fragile.  Picture owned by The Queens Jewels.

The wine glass is beautiful, but it is easily broken and shattered. The fragile wine glass needs a special packaging design to make it safe during the shipment and handling process. Meantime, the paperboard used should be rigid enough too.  Also, we need the correct printing and finish for custom paper box to achieve a perfect match of the glass inside.

In order to hold the wine glass steady without wiggling movement inside the custom paper box, a unique structure is created on the tuck top flaps. As you can see, 2 extra ears are extended from the side flaps to fold into the glass. The ears then hold the glass in place.

As for the paperboard used, we adopt the E flute corrugated board to have a custom E flute corrugated box, tuck top snap locked bottom. Quite pretty!

wine glass corrugated box
Special structure on the tuck top of the wine glass box

As for the printing and finish, the wine glass box is matte black color printed and with the glossy silver printing for the brand name of the wine glass. Q

custom paper box for wine glass packaging
The custom wine glass paper box is matte black color printed with the glossy silver foil.

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Below is the email sent from the client when he god the boxes.

I am hoping that if this business continues that I can travel to China and meet you and the others that I have been working with. My wife and I could not have been so successful without you and several others making our products for us!

I sincerely appreciate your hard work and dealing with the issues of getting money over to you! Western Union said it should take 3-5 days to get to you.
I believe the phrase to use is “You have been a great friend!”. I can’t thank you enough!


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