Printed Paper Box with the Hanger Tab

paper printed box with the hanging hole

In the convenience store, supermarket, a beautifully printed paper box with a hanger tab is too striking to escape the consumers’ eye. And the products packed within sell fast.  Why?

The hanger tab does the tricks. With the hanger tab, the product is hanged at the best visual position and is seen easily. And the front side, left side and right side of the packaging box is in the visual field of the consumers.

The color paper box on the left  is produced for Rapid Ramen Cooker. You can see this brand easily in Walmart, Amazon. It is made of 350gsm duplex board with grey back (also referred to as 20pt CCGB).  The box structure is tuck top auto bottom (also referred to as TTAB) with the hanger tab. It has the CMYK full color printing. The UV glossy finish on the surface gives it a glossy and smooth feel and make people want to eat when seeing it.

artwork for the TTAB box with hanger tab