A Matte Black Custom Rigid Paper Box

This article is about a matte black custom rigid paper box, we made for The Hut Group in UK. It is for one of its brand called Look Fantastic. The custom paper box is a lift off lid rigid box with a detachable lid and a bottom base.

a matte black lift off lid rigid box
2 different foil stamping color for the brand name.

The lid of the custom rigid box features a foil stamping for the logo, 2 different colors. The blue color is for the text “look”, and white color for the text “fantastic”. The foil is made on the matte laminating of the box. The bad point is that it is very easy to dirt and smudge. The base of the box features a white wrapping paper outside.

While the inside of the rigid box features a semi black gloss finish, which looks very gorgeous. On the inside bottom, a glossy silver foil stamping is applied to the text “Discover something beautiful”.

custom rigid paper box lift off lid
Semi glossy black color printing inside the box lid.

As for the paper material, the rigid paper box is made of the 1.5mm thick greyboard, which provides enough strength and rigidity to protect the product inside.

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