Cubic Jewelry Paper Box

This article is about a custom cubic jewelry paper box, we made for a Aura Jewelry in Switzerland.

custom jewelry paper box
Seven designs, seven different PMS colors printing for the jewelry paper box

The jewelry paper box features a very luxury gold foil finish on the front of the box. Because the logo is quite complicated consisting of many tiny dots and thin lines, there is a very high requirement of the skills of the foil operator.

Another important feature of the custom jewelry box is the soft touch finish outside, which gives the box a lustrous satin outside and a velvet feeling when you touch it.

custom jewelry paper box
Glossy gold foil on the top of the custom paper printed box.

Because the paper printed box is quite small, SBS 24PT paperboard is used, which is 0.55mm in thickness. The cubic paper box has the straight tuck end box style, which is widely used for the jewelry and cosmetic paper boxes. The advantage of the box is the seamless color printing on the front panel and the gluing part is only visible on the back of the paper box.

There are 7 designs for the cubic paper box, that is, 7 different PMS colors. The litho offset printing is used to reproduce the exact color our client need.

custom jewelry packaging paper box
Straight tuck end paper box style for the jewelry packaging box

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