A Custom Perfume Paper Box

The cosmetic paper boxes, like perfume paper boxes usually have the premium quality compared with other packaging boxes. The paperboard used are specialty papers with the excellent sense of touch and visual. Meantime, more than 2 finishes, like gold foil, spot UV, embossing are applied to render the customer a kind of high-end and luxury feeling. In this article, we will talk about a custom perfume paper box with the white corrugated insert.

custom perfume paper printed box
custom perfume paper box

A large area of gold foil stamping on the paper box is one of the most important features of the custom perfume paper box. Besides, a small part of the logo is silver foil stamped. The gold foil color looks very crisp with very fine details. Meantime, the JIVAGO logo is embossed to have a 3D effect.

Another important feature of the perfume paper box is the white corrugated insert inside, which is used as a cushion to protect the perfume bottom inside. It is made of the 2mm thickness corrugated board.  Besides the white color, black corrugated inserts are very common too, usually going with the black color printed paper box.

custom perfume paper box with corrugated paperboard insert
The custom perfume paper box and its white corrugated paperboard insert

As for the custom paper box style, it is a typical straight tuck end paper box.

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