Custom Lift Off Lid Rigid Paper Box With EVA Foam Insert

In this article, we will talk about a custom lift off lid rigid box with the EVA foam insert. The custom rigid paper box is made for a Slovak company, which uses the box to hold its chip products.

custom lift off lid rigid paper box
Lift off lid rigid paper box

For the custom rigid paper boxes, the EVA foam insert is an ideal type of cushioning material to provide the best protection to the valuable but delicate items inside. At one hand, the EVA foam insert has the perfect cushioning property; at the other hand, the EVA foam is easy to cut with the great precision to hold the items well inside.

custom rigid paper box with EVA foam cutout insert
Black color EVA foam cutout inside.

As you can see from the picture above, the die-cutting of the EVA foam has the excellent precision to create cutouts of various shapes. What makes this custom rigid paper box special is that  all the cutted parts are kept inside the whole EVA foam. And our client decides which one is to be removed when they get the package at hand.

Another important feature is that there are 2 layers for the EVA foam inserts. The upper layer is only 5mm in thickness, quite thin. The bottom layer is 12mm in thickness, much thicker than the upper foam.

There is a very high precision requirement for the dimensions of the different parts of the box. The allowance of the distance between the top of the foam and the package edge is only 1mm and no more.

Another special requirement of our client is to create a cream white custom paper box with brilliant white paper color and soft touch feel. Therefore, we adopt the soft touch laminating on the special white paper stock.

Lift off lid rigid paper box
Back view of the lift off lid rigid box with the finger hole on the lid for the easy to open of the box.

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Lift-off Lid Rigid Box With Short Base

The lift off lid rigid boxes have many variations. The top lid and bottom base can cover either whole or part of the base. The base can also has a shoulder to meet the lid in the middle, or on the upper top, or at the lower bottom of the body. Below is a lift off lid rigid box for the honey jar.

Lift off lid rigid box for the honey jar
Short Base WIth A Neck

As you can see from the picture above, the custom paper box has a very short base at the bottom with a neck, which comes inside the upper lid. Inside the base of the rigid box is a piece of EVA foam with round cutout to hold the bottle.

Specification Of The Rigid Paper box

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