A Nice Kraft Paper Bag With Black Color Printing

The kraft paper box and kraft paper bag is widely used for the package in various industry. The kraft color looks more natural and environmental friendly. And the paper is very durable and strong, which is very ideal for the protection purpose. In this post, we will introduce a nice kraft paper bag with the black color printing for the texts and pictures, which is particularly designed for the package of the 3D wooden jigsaw puzzle.

kraft paper box

A custom paper box made of the kraft paper to pack the 3D wooden jigsaw puzzle.

The design of the kraft paper bag is simple but of beauty, with just the black color and white color. At the bottom of the package is a triangle diecut window to show the jigsaw puazzle inside. A wooden wolf is printed on the white rectangle and the rabbits, carrots, deers are printed on the kraft background. The whole design fits the wooden color very well, which has the similar kraft tone.

The thickness of the kraft paper bag is 0.3mm, which is durable enough to protect the jigsaw puzzle inside. On the back, there is a very creative design for the closure, simple but effective.

And there are just a few simple black curves on the back, which looks quite great. The closure structre has a tongue, which slides into a diecut hole on the back.

kraft paper printed box custom paper box

Closure on the back of the kraft paper box with a tougue.