About a Cylindrical Round Paper Box

This is about a packaging solution to a cylindrical round paper box, or a round tube paper box we called. The round paper box is a special rigid paper box, which is used to pack various cosmetic products. And it is a very common cardboard gift box.

round paper box cylindrical paper box
A great design for a round paper box

I would like to begin working with you on sampling the Bombay Electric boxes. These will be easier than the custom paper boxes for Baserange. And we would like to make samples and start the final production within the coming five weeks. Therefore, it will be a lot more rapid, especially as the client is a lot quicker.

I attach instruction files for the first three packaging boxes.

Bombay Electric & Selfridges – Sari Packaging Box

A pocket packaging that is closed at the top with a elastic and feature holes on the front to show the indian Sari inside and offset and emboss on the back. A simple package. Only 500 are needed of this one.

Bombay Electric – Small Round Tube Box – Print & Priview

A small paper box for shirts and lighter dresses. An offset printed package on pearl style paper so that the colors changes a bit depending on the angle you hold it in. Rigid construction. Logo in foil and deboss. 1000 copies (might be more).

Bombay Electric – Jewellery Paper Box – Print & Priview

Very much the same as the Small Box but cylinder shaped. 1000 copies (might be more).

It will cost 250-300USD to sample these, just 2 copies of each. And the final production price be for each of them will be determined on the details confirmed shortly.

The client can take time to fix the payment for the samples straight away so you can begin the sampling.

Also, we will make protective bags for these printed paper boxes, with bubble wrap on the inside and paper on the outside.

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