Book Style Rigid Folder

Recently we came across a book style rigid folder, which is used for the packaging of the screen protector.

The rigid folder has the very simple design, which includes only a cardboard book cover and a rectangular frame made of the EVA foam, which is glued on the back of the book cover inside. The frame is 1cm in thickness. The custom rigid box is very cost effective for the protection of the tempered glass inside, because of the good rigidity and cushioning property provided by the cardboard outside and foam inside.

The cardboard folder is matte black inside and outside with the spot UV varnished word patterns.  The logo and brand of the company is printed the PMS red color, which is also spot UV varnished.  This perfect match of the colors give the box a very luxury and quality feel. The book style rigid folder looks smart, pretty and gorgeous.

book style rigid folder box
Outside of the rigid folder box
cardboard folder box book style
Inside view of the book style folder box.

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