Custom Paper Box With a Sleeve and Foldable Paperboard Insert

A custom paper box provides our client the flexibility of the box structure, paper material, printing and finish. A unique design of the box structure can make your cosmetic products stand out in the market and improve the overall product experience. Also, an effective structure of the custom paper box can have your product sit comfortably inside the box and protect them well. In this article, we will talk about a custom cosmetic paper box with a sleeve and foldable paperboard insert.

Custom cosmetic paper box
Foldable paperboard insert inside the sleeve.

The greatest feature of the custom paper box is that it is like a rigid paper box but it is also foldable. It means that a lot of delivery fees and warehouse fees can be reduced by the flat shipping and storage to reduce the final volume of the boxes.

sliding paper box with sleeve
Insert has the creative design to hold 3 set tubes well inside.

The cosmetic paper box is quite simple, a paperboard sleeve outside with a paperboard insert to slide inside.  The paperboard insert has the genius design to hold 3 tubes at the same time in the setup state. The paper box is made of the SBS 24PT paperboard.

custom cosmetic paper box
Custom cosmetic paper box

As a leading China paper box manufacturer and supplier, Shanghai DE Printed Box is a custom paper box supplier, supplying the various custom cosmetic paper boxes. If you have such a paper box to do, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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