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A New Project For Coffee Box

In this article we would like to share with you a new custom paper printed box.
This is a new project for the coffee box.
coffee box

Spot UV + Embossing + Debossing

Size: 115 x 90 x 120mm

330 x 424mm, open flat

Style: Reverse tuck end

Printing: Two colours (cyan and black) and matt varnish to coated side using conventional inks Pantone 297 uncoated

One colour (black) flood to uncoated side of board using UV inks

Material: 600 micron White Peak GC1

Deboss (magenta guide) to sides

Emboss (cyan guide) to front of box only
Emboss (cyan guide) to the rear of box social media icons and label edge guide
Spot UV Ue logo and PERFECTLY CRAFTED ARTISAN COFFEE strap line on front panel of box only.
Quantity of boxes 10,000

7 Good Things About Using Paper Bags In The Food Industry

By  Ashly William

Packaging like custom paper boxes and paper bags is very important in restaurants and other food establishments. Paper bags are a good packaging solution in the food industry. Using the most appropriate paper bags offers convenient packaging to bring a steady flow of customers to your establishments. These bags come in various options and sizes for all types of food and drinks. Check out the following good things about using paper bags in your food business.

Convenient take away solution

Restaurants have to be prepared for customers who prefer taking out their food. Therefore, paper bags are a good solution for customers to conveniently carry away their purchases from a food establishment. Paper bags are ideal for carrying items including French fries, fried chips, popcorn, and other food snacks. These come in a cone or rectangular shape that can be imprinted to make them attractive to customers. Cafes can use premium paper bags for their customers to carry freshly prepared hot dogs

ideal counter bags

Food retailers need counter paper bags in various sizes and color options including brown paper and white greaseproof paper bags. Brown paper bags are made from 100 percent recyclable Kraft paper. Perhaps you need wrappers for serving fresh food. White greaseproof paper bags are food safe for the purpose. For brand awareness, you can opt for paper bags printed with your logo as counter bags for selling small items like wrapped sweets.

Carrying fresh food

The Best Paper Bag is appropriate for carrying various food items. Apart from the resilience and durability of paper bags, they are very cheap to make compared to plastic bags. These bags are biodegradable and customers can reuse them multiple times when handled well. Paper bags offer practical packaging for various fresh food items including:

  • Candy
  • Spices
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Cookies

Paper bags are a popular option for a wide range of food items. In addition to being resilient and durable, they are also very cheap and make a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. Luckily, the paper bags can be size to match your packaging requirements and branded to reflect your brand.

Bespoke bottle bags

Some people prefer carrying their drink in total concealment. Paper bags come in handy. These are custom sized to match the height of the bottle. Bottle paper bags come with a luxury appeal for carrying wine bottles and other liquor. The bags come with a reinforced structure and a hand-length rope handle customers use to carry their wine bottles easily. This allows customers to carry their booze from your store in total concealment to their expectation.

Eco-friendly packaging

Awareness for environmental protection is everywhere including in Nigeria. So, smart business owners should choose eco-friendly packaging . Luckily, paper bags are made from renewable wood and Kraft paper pulp. Additionally, the bags are strong enough for reuse to lessen the chances of the bags ending up on landfills or causing an eyesore. Customers will flock your store for portraying willingness to lessen the carbon footprint.

Build brand recognition

When looking forward to enhancing brand recognition, custom printed paper bags are a perfect show off. A reputable supplier can print bags in your favorite color and size so your logo stands out. your order of personalized paper bags will meet your custom sizes, specifications, and type of finish. The best thing is that this paper supports various print options.

Paper bags come in different colors including white greaseproof or brown. Apart from colors, paper bags come in multiple styles and sizes. This enhances the ability to customize these bags for your promotional campaigns. The bags support printing with your logo, design, company name, or message for your promotional requirements. nice-looking custom printed paper bags make an effective and budget-friendly solution to show off your brand.

Cost-effective packaging

Since cost-effectiveness is a big consideration when choosing to package, paper bags make a pocket-friendly choice. Despite being made from paper, these bags have an average weight load of about 25 pounds. Additionally, paper bags are durable enough all your packaging requirements without the need to give extra packaging.

Paper bags have a high tolerance to tear compared to plastic bags in the same circumstance. The best thing is that these bags are easy and cheaper to produce. You can lower the cost of buying paper bags when you purchase them online from a reliable supplier. Online retailers charge considerably lower than brick and mortar stores and usually offer huge discounts for bulk purchases and perks like free delivery.

Bottom line

Paper bags are a wonderful packaging solution in the food industry. These are durable to handle a variety of items including wine bottles for high tear resistance. Additionally, paper bags are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and can be customized to create brand awareness. Luckily, you can purchase paper bags from an online supplier who also offers customization.

About Ashly William:

Ashly William is a freelance writer, with years of experience, creating content for varied online portals. Her content is published on many national and international publications. She love to write about Education and Business Services.

6 Most Common Packaging Mistakes You Should Avoid

By Ashly William

Packaging plays a very important role in retail. Apart from keeping items concealed and safe, it’s important to use packaging that attracts customers and speaks to your target market. The most important aspect of packaging is to put in mind is matching your brand and being appealing to customers. It is a wonderful idea to think outside the box when selecting packaging to make your brand different from competitors. Below are the most common packaging mistakes you should avoid.

Packaging mismatching with your brand

Business owners have to always put their brand on the forefront. This also applies when selecting packaging. The appropriate packaging should enhance your brand’s capacity to attract and speak volumes to your target market. This will ensure that every packaging is geared towards promoting your brand. Being innovative is the solution to packaging that will serve the best of both worlds. Mismatched packaging is confusing to customers and a waste of resources. For example, a paper printed box perfectly matching with your brand can to a great extent improve your brand awareness.

Neglecting to use green packaging

There is a growing trend to embrace green strategies in business. This requires being mindful of the material for your packaging supplies. Using green packaging will set you apart from other businesses in the market. Additionally, it makes green-conscious customers more likely to shop from your store. Packaging from recyclable materials is biodegradable limiting build up of landfills. Customers are less likely to worry about litter since the packaging might be reusable. The best thing about sticking to green packaging is the low transport cost lessening your carbon footprint.

Failure to brand your packaging

In today’s fast-paced economy, people have a lot to think about. This is where marketing managers have to find ways to make the brands stick around much longer. A wonderful idea is to use custom packing in your business. Fortunately, you can purchase quality wholesale packaging  that can be customized online. This will keep customers remembering your brand longer. Using reusable packaging allows customers to use the packaging multiple times all along spreading the word about your business.

Skimping on packaging cost

It is very important to ensure that the packaging matches the item ethos. The quality of your packaging can determine consumer-buying decisions. Premium quality items put in low-quality packaging makes the item less appealing and looking cheap. Alternatively, putting cheap items inexpensive packaging isn’t a viable idea. It is very important to ensure that the packaging brings out the perceived value of the product. This will make the item more appealing to customers and generating sales.

Using more packaging than required

Items come in various shapes and sizes and so do packaging. Under-packed or over-packaged goods cause immense frustration and a negative experience for consumers. It is very important to think about creating a pleasant unwrapping experience. Minding about the packaging size is also very important. The right packaging should be proportional to the actual item making product access easier. Properly sized packaging will not make customers feel deflated thinking that the product would have been bigger than the packaging.

Getting packaging from different sources

Depending on your items, each requires particular packaging. It is a good idea to select a packaging supplies distributor with a range of products. Shopping from a one-stop center for packaging material saves effort, money, and time. You will have to handle the same purchase process multiple times when dealing with suppliers of various packaging materials.

Sourcing supplies from various supplies comes with quality concerns. Vetting the reputation and quality of products from multiple suppliers takes time and effort. Keep in mind that there are other tasks to handle. In addition, not all the suppliers might offer products of the same quality. Using a single distributor allows shopping supplies from a single account. Since you’re likely to buy in bulk, you might win massive discounts like free shipping.

Bottom line

Choice of packaging matters significantly in the retail sector. The right packaging should make your items more appealing to customers and branded to promote brand exposure. It is very important to find a reputable supplier with a range of packaging supplies for your various needs. Shopping from one supplier saves time, allows buying at wholesale price, and making return purchases easier since the company already has knowledge of your packaging requirements.

About Ashly William:

Ashly William is a freelance writer, with years of experience, creating content for varied online portals. Her content is published on many national and international publications. She love to write about Education and Business Services.