Conversion Between the Greyboard Thickness and Grammage

At DE Printed Box, we use the high quality grey board to make the cardboard gift boxes, paper rigid boxes, set up cases. Below is a introduction to the greyboard thickness, grammage, moisture content and unit ton price.

Lift Off Lid Rigid Box Made of 2mm Greyboard
Lift Off Lid Rigid Box Made of 2mm Greyboard

Relationship Between the Greyboard Thickness and Grammage

In China, we usually use the millimeters to measure the thickness of the greyboard, which is also referred to as chipboard. The greyboards that are commonly used to make the rigid box are in 1.5mm and 2mm. However, package manufacturers in North America and Europe use the grammage to measure the greyboard, like 1200gsm, 2000gsm. Then what is the relationship between the greyboard thickness and grammage? How can we easily converse one measurement to another?

There is a formula to calculate the thickness of the greyboard simply as below.

Thickness (mm) = Grammage (gsm) * 1.55 / 1000

For example, if the grammage is 1290gsm, then

Thickness (mm) = 1290 * 1.55 / 1000 = 2 mm

Below is a conversion table for the common greyboard thickness and grammage that are used for the cardboard gift boxes, rigid boxes and set up boxes.

615gsm  1mm

775gsm  1.2mm

970gsm 1.5mm

1160gsm 1.8mm

1290gsm 2mm

1420gsm 2.2mm

1581gsm 2.4mm

1645gsm 2.5mm

1805gsm 2.8gsm

1845gsm 3mm

2150gsm 3.5mm

2460gsm 4mm

greyboard thickness and grammage conversion
Greyboard Used to Make the Rigid Set Up Box

Moisture Content of the Greyboard and Stiffness

The moisture content affects the greyboard stiffness. It varies from 8% to 13%. When the moisture content is low, the hard cover of the book and the rigid box will have the very good stiffness, resistant to the bending.

Greyboard Price

The price of the greyboard vareis a lot. For the ordinary greyboard, it unit ton price is around 550USD to 700USD. For the Grade A chipboard, the unit ton price would be as high as 850-1000USD. This will affect the rigid box price a lot finally.

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