How to Measure a Printed Paper Box

One day, you may want to order a custom printed paper box. You google a custom paper box online. When you contact them for a price quote, they will ask you the dimensions of the packaging box. Then probably you will be confused by the length, width and height of the package. This post is a guideline to show you how to get the correct measurements.

Below is the formula you need to remember when you specify the size of the printed paper box.

1. Length (L) x 2. Width (W) x 3. Depth (D)


The length and width are always on the opening. It is where you put your products inside the packaging box. After you confirm where the opening is, sit the printed paper box on its opening. And face the front panel of the package in front of you. Then you can measure the length of the face panel (usually the main graphic panel) from right to left, score to score of that panel only.


After you confirm the length of the paper printed box, you can measure on either side of the box from the front panel to the back panel. Then you will get the width.

Note:  The length and width are always measured on the box opening direction.


Depth of package is last. The “load” dimension of the product. Just measure the front panel from the top to the bottom, then you will get the height dimension of the paper box.

measure the box length width and depth
Dieline of a custom paper box

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