Greetings from New Zealand About Corrugated Cartons

Greetings from New Zealand, I hope that you are well. My name is Tim Stone and I am looking for an OEM supplier of high quality retail packaging for our Smart Water product range.

corrugated printed box corrugated mailer

Products that we made. Matte black corrugated printed box, corrugated mailer

You can view the Smart Water product range on our website The parent company is Ivent Solutions and our site is, I invite you to review these websites at your leisure to learn about our companies.

Our previous supplier of packaging in China has had ongoing quality issues and we are now looking for a new company to deal with. We are also releasing a brand new product range and with this we want to upgrade the existing packaging that we use. I have attached one of the files for you to review of the new design. I must advise that I am not an expert at all on packaging or the available materials so we are very much looking for a business that can support us with good technical knowledge and advice. We need guidance on the best solution for this packaging.

The packaging at present is a white corrugated carton, with full colour glossy printing. We would like to move to a corrugated board that has a much better printed finish that is satin on the outside, and black on the inside (when the customer opens the box). There are many inserts as well inside the box that would also be black corrugated card.

If you are interested in talking further on this project please let me know. There is a large volume of retail cartons and packaging inserts that I would like to discuss and get quotes/samples on. Once we have your reply I will send through the various files for your reference.

Hope to hear from you soon and thanking you in advance for your reply.

Please find attached some further information on the designs that we need. There are actually a lot more cartons we need made, but I think this is a good place to start so you can research your product range and start to get some options to present to us. Please also note the following:

  1. Smart Water starter pack retail  –  This file is the outline of the “large” retail carton that we use.
  2. Smart Water small retail  –  This file is the outline for the “small” retail carton that we use.
  3. 01234 SW Desk-Mount Starter Pack V4.pdf  –  This is the artwork for the desk mount starter pack, this uses the large size retail carton.
  4. 01234 SW Tank Unit Small V5.pdf  –  This is the artwork for the tank unit carton, this uses the small size retail carton.
  5. 01256 SW Wall-Mount Starter Pack V2.pdf  –  This is the artwork for the wall mount starter pack, this uses the large size retail carton.
  6. 01257 SW Pump Controller Pack V1.pdf  –  This is the artwork for the pump controller carton, this uses the small size retail carton.
  7. 01258 SW WiFi Gateway Starter Pack V1.pdf  –  This is the artwork for the WiFi gateway starter pack, this uses the large size retail carton.

Please let me know if you have any questions on any of the above information. At present we use a glossy white corrugated carton for printing, but I am looking for more of a high quality satin finish if possible. I am not an expert (at all!) on packaging so I am hoping you can do some research for us and present some higher quality options. I want to see some different products but ultimately we want a quality finish on the packaging so our customers are impressed when they see the product on the shelf in shops. I hope you can understand my meaning. I can send you samples of our current packaging if you like…? However we want to move away from the current packaging to a better quality board.

corrugated mailer box, carton, printed box

Corrugated printed boxes that we made for the client.


An Inquiry of a Candle Box

We are a small candle manufacturer in the UK about to launch a glassware range next year in the UK.  We take receipt of all decorated glassware later this month and are now looking at trying to finalise the packaging supply.


Hoping the attached is self-explanatory.  The artwork is naturally draft from a dimension perspective as it will require modification to accommodate the final box design / material selection.  Please note the template design adopted is not finalised, the current template has purely been used to understand and demonstrate artwork layout and content.

he quantities would be as previously discussed.  We are looking for luxury feel to the packaging and certainly open to any suggestions you may have with regard to finishes etc.

Our initial thoughts are for a clean, simple, contemporary design i.e. white (not brilliant white) with blue foiling for the front text and the horizontal band. All text on side, base and back will require to be printed in CMYK.

Let me know your thoughts and if it is something you may be interested in doing.

See if you are able to manufacture flat pack type boxes with internal liner.


We are a small candle manufacturer in the UK and looking for 3 sizes of candle and diffuser packaging.


Although the packaging is to be flat pack we are keen to present a quality luxury feel to the box i.e. smooth texture white finish, blue foiling and sharp printing.


Blue Foil Paper Box

White candle paper box with the blue foil stamping.


I have attached a pdf showing the dimensions of the glass containers requiring packaging plus a typical illustration of the artwork design.


Packaging Solution

We have the soft touch paper as your options. It would render a very luxury feel at the first sight, which is pure, clean and pretty. Maybe we can produce some sample boxes first if you are interested.

I thought flat pack candle containers have an internal liner, the weights of the candles and diffusers are…

  • 30cl candle – 0.7kg (700gm)
  • 55cl candle – 1.2kg (1200gm)
  • 100ml diffuser – 0.36kg (360gm)

Do you think the 400gsm will support all of these?

A separate liner would cost a lot more.
I suggest that we use the F flute corrugated board, white liner inside, which is 1.2mm in thickness. Check the box attached.

Shirt Box – Lift Off Lid Box Style

INGRAM shirt Box+lid

Below is a inquiry from an Italian client about a lift off lid rigid paper box for the shirt. The shirt box has some special features, which is quite impressive.

lift off lid shirt paper box

Clear window on the base. Gold foil on the top lid.

cm. 22 x 36 x 6,5h + 2,5 lid

White cardboard 1.3 mm or grey/white cardboard 1.3 mm

Outside box and lid covering:  white embossed paper as picture

Inside box and lid:  natural white as picture

Printing on lid:  gold hot foil positioned in the middle + offset gold web site near the down side

Printing on box:  offset gold near the window

Window: transparent PP cm. 7.5×2 visible size glued between paper and cardboard


Gold foil on the white embossed paper

Gold foil on the white embossed paper, which is used for the wraps of the rigid paper box.


70k pcs.    order to be repeated 2 times per year   (70k pcs. each 6 months)

Each order for 70k pcs.

Delivery: 1×40’HC  each month  (approx. 14k pcs. per month)