What Type of Paper Makes Kraft Paper Bags

By  Ashly William

There is a growing awareness of environmental protection everywhere. This is making consumers to always look forward to supporting businesses with eco-conscious products. A smart business owner should ensure not to get overwhelmed by the various packaging products on the market. It is always better to opt for eco-friendly packaging in your store.

kraft paper bag

Kraft paper makes wonderful packaging for your store as you are about to understand. These versatile custom paper boxes, paper printed boxes, kraft paper boxes are made from Kraft paper. These are 100 percent recyclable since they are made from 90 percent post-consumer material and 10 percent postindustrial fiber. This makes Kraft an ideal packaging solution compared to standard paper. After understanding this, it is important to understand the process of making Kraft paper.

What is recycled Kraft Paper?

Different from virgin Kraft paper, this is an eco-friendly and pocket-friendly type of Kraft paper. Unlike natural Kraft, recycled Kraft paper comes with lower tear and burst strength. However, it breaks down easily when exposed to moisture and friction. Recycled Kraft paper is a more economical type of paper for making shopping bags. Additionally, it is used for other purposes including:

  • Box liners
  • Void filler
  • Dust covers
  • Textile wrappers
  • Interleave
  • Carrier sheets
  • Paint masking
  • Floor protection liners
  • Bundling and stuffing
  • Newspaper bottom wrap
  • Garment underlay paper
  • Internal carton packaging

Using recycled Kraft paper bags

When choosing to package for your store, opt for a supplier with the best Kraft paper bags made from recycled materials. These are sturdy and cost-effective packaging solutions for retailers. You can get recycled Kraft paper bags in various sizes that can be customized to meet your business needs. These bags ship flat to save volumetric shipping costs and have a weight holding capacity of about 4 kilograms.

kraft paper bag
Blue ribbon handles, kraft color inside the kraft paper bag

How Kraft paper differs from other papers?

The Kraft paper making process involves reduced lignin content with high sulfur ration making it stronger compared to regular paper production. Kraft making process is free from extensive bleaching which might lessen the paper’s strength and increase manufacturing costs. Additionally, Kraft paper uses wood types including bamboo and resinous pine not used in regular papermaking processes.

Making Kraft paper is self-sustaining since most materials are recovered and reused. The byproducts of Kraft paper making process are tall oil and turpentine, which are recycled or consumed in other manufacturing processes. With the growing awareness of environmental protection, Kraft paper is an eco-friendly solution for businesses.

Why use recycled Kraft paper bags

Establish a brand reputation

Growing consciousness about environmental protection makes it mandatory for brands to reflect contribution to lessening the carbon footprint. This will surely strike a chord among potential and current customers. Using Kraft paper bags is a creative way to make your business go green while interacting with customers.

This is because the Kraft paper making process minimizes waste compared to producing regular paper or shopping bags. Additionally, these bags can be made from by-products to produce 100 percent recyclable and environmentally friendly shopping bags. The Kraft paper making process produces limited chemical waste so using shopping bags from this paper lowers your carbon footprint.

Appropriate thickness and strength

Shopping bags from Kraft paper have enough thickness and strength with high tear resistance. This is because Kraft paper contains highly oriented fibers making it ideal for packaging various items. Kraft paper shopping bags are lightweight encouraging portability and lowering shipping costs. Its durability, flexibility and coarse texture keep contents protected external damage.

Branding your paper bags

Smart business owners understand the importance of differentiation for competitors in the market. When choosing paper bags, opt for Kraft paper bags that can be branded to carry your business details. These bags allow getting creative in the best way possible. You can brand your bags in a color and with fonts of your choice. Kraft paper bags are versatile and durable compared to plastic bags. Branded Kraft paper bags appear more sophisticated and professional to give your store a high-end appeal.

Customization option

Apart from branding Kraft shopping bags to meet your meets, you can also have them meet in a size of your choice. This is a great idea to make your shopping bags make an impact in the market. These bags are easy to print on and are not easily crumpled to make your branding come out clearly to be noticed by customers. Additionally, you can customize the physical appearance of your Kraft shopping bags to come in thickness, sizes, and shape that meets your requirements.

Wrapping up

Kraft paper is here to stay with the growing increase in awareness of environmental conservation. Smart business owners should switch to Kraft paper shopping bags for their durability, customizability, exceptional strength, and being environmentally friendly. Luckily, Kraft paper bags are 100 percent recyclable and can be branded or customized in size or shape to meet your business requirements.

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