A Sliding Rigid Paper Box With Custom EVA Cutout

The slide rigid paper box can can work like a drawer, which can easily slide open.  It is widely used to be a gift paper box, cardboard gift box with the custom EVA foam cutout inside to hold the various items.

There is a great benefit about the custom EVA foam cutout. The hole on the foam can be slightly smaller than the actual dimension of the item inside. The great cushion propert make the EVA hold the item very well and tightly during the transportation and delivery process.  For the fragile glass products and gift products, the EVA foam cutout can effectively protect them from bumping into each other.

This is quite a simple but gorgeous white color gift paper box, which is designed to hold some small glass bottles. It has only the black text printing outside. But all texts are black foil stamped onto the surface of the paper box. It has a delicate black glossy effect, which is very luxurious and impressive.

The wrapping paper outside the custom paper box is a very impressive specialty paper. It has the clean white visual effect of a high gloss. And the drawer inside is a balck specialty paper with the custom embossed patterns.

Also, there is a ribbon tab attached to the drawer, then the paper printed box can be easily slide open.

A Heavy Duty Corrugated Printed Box

Recently we create a design for a heavy duty corrugated box, which is only 25mm in thickness. The package is supposed to hold an item around 3.5kg steel spike inside. The requirement for the box structure and the paper material are both very high. After a week test and research, we finally find a solution.

There are 3 challenges for us to create the structure design for this corrugated printed box. Firstly, the thickness, that is, the width of the paper box is only 25mm in thickness. It means that we can not use the traditional method to glue the side panel of the package. The paper box would be difficult to bend and fold. Also, there might be cracks on the edge of the corrugated box. And it turns out that the F flute is the best solution with the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. Secondly, the box will carry a very heavy steel spike inside. The weight is around 3.5kg. It means that we need choose a very good F flute corrugated board to produce the corrugated box. Thirdly, there is a hanging hook, hanging tab on the top of the box. The hook need to be well designed, then the hook won’t break during the delivery process.

In order to solve the first problem, we use a self lock structure to replace the traditional glue method to close the box on the side. In case that the spike may fall out of the box, we use a special tuck end box structure at the end to seal the bottom very tightly. For the paper material, we use the very strong corrugated board, then it can have the best printing effect and strength.

The box has the blue tone outside. It is CMYK full color printed box with the glossy laminating to protect it from the slight water or humidity influency.


A Nice Kraft Paper Bag With Black Color Printing

The kraft paper box and kraft paper bag is widely used for the package in various industry. The kraft color looks more natural and environmental friendly. And the paper is very durable and strong, which is very ideal for the protection purpose. In this post, we will introduce a nice kraft paper bag with the black color printing for the texts and pictures, which is particularly designed for the package of the 3D wooden jigsaw puzzle.

kraft paper box

A custom paper box made of the kraft paper to pack the 3D wooden jigsaw puzzle.

The design of the kraft paper bag is simple but of beauty, with just the black color and white color. At the bottom of the package is a triangle diecut window to show the jigsaw puazzle inside. A wooden wolf is printed on the white rectangle and the rabbits, carrots, deers are printed on the kraft background. The whole design fits the wooden color very well, which has the similar kraft tone.

The thickness of the kraft paper bag is 0.3mm, which is durable enough to protect the jigsaw puzzle inside. On the back, there is a very creative design for the closure, simple but effective.

And there are just a few simple black curves on the back, which looks quite great. The closure structre has a tongue, which slides into a diecut hole on the back.

kraft paper printed box custom paper box

Closure on the back of the kraft paper box with a tougue.