Rigid Paper Box With Dividers

The cardboard dividers are very common in the rigid paper box for the packaging of tea and chocolate. This rigid paper box is usually used as a luxury gift box, which has the gorgeous look and finish. In this article, we will talk about a custom gift box made for the packaging of 9 tea tins.

rigid paper box with dividers gift box
3×3 dividers inside the base of the custom rigid paper box

The divider inside the gift box is a very common 3*3 style, which has the natural matte black color. The base has a square shape to have the 9 tea tins inside. The black color comes from the black specialty paper, which is not printed black. Therefore, the black color is more beautiful and natural. Beside the black color, actually any color, texture and pattern are available for the dividers.

carboard paper gift box rigid box
Matte white color outside for the paper gift box

The custom paper gift box has a very simple design. The box is a typical lift off lid rigid paper box, matte white outside and matte black inside with the matte black dividers. On the bottom of the base, the company logo is black foil stamped.

lift off lid rigid box with dividers
Simple design, lift off lid rigid box.

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