Rigid Paper Box With Velcro Closure

The velcro can be a perfect alternative to the magnet closure for the custom rigid paper boxes. It is cost effective and looks professional. This article is about a Velcro closure rigid paper box we made for an USA client. The rigid box is like a slipcase with the Velcro closure to hold the A4 size papers and document.

custom rigid paper box with velcro closure.
1cm diameter white color velcro closure

The velcro is usually available in white color, grey color and black color. The diameter can be various sizes, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm.  The velcro closure is secure, which can hold the papers quite well inside.

rigid box velcro closure
Velcro in various dimensions and colors for the rigid box

The custom rigid box works like a slip case. You slide the A4 papers inside and close it with the Velcro seal. It is quite easy to assemble and to use. Also, the rigid box has the glossy laminating outside, which makes it easy to be free from dirt, mark and stains.

velcro closure rigid paper box
Glossy silver grey printing outside.

The rigid box is 3mm in thickness, quite durable and strong.  As a leading China paper box manufacturer and supplier, Shanghai DE Printed Box is a China leading custom paper box manufacturer and supplier. If you have a custom paper box to make, please do not hesitate to contact us for a price quote.

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