Rigid Paper Box of the iPhone Box Style

From time to time, our clients ask us to do a rigid paper box of the iphone box style. I usually replied, do you mean that you want a custom paper box of the same aesthetic beauty of the iphone packaging box? And our client always could not wait me to finish the words and said, yes, exactly. 

But  what is the secret of the Iphone packaging box? The answer is the attention to details.

It is the exhaustive attention to details that make an ordinary paper box transform into a work of art. In DE Printed Box, we believe that the paper packaging box is as equally important as the product itself. Paper box is more than how a product is nestled comfortably inside. It is part of the user’s whole experience of the company’s product and service. A product is supposed to be beautiful inside and outside.

You may probably not know that Steve Jobs even patented the paper box the iPhone comes in. Apple even has a secret packaging room where at one point was filled with hundreds, yes hundreds, of box prototypes. The packaging designers were holed up in this room for months to determine which box lent itself towards evoking the emotional response Apple was looking for upon opening up a product for the first time. The Apple takes the packaging design very seriously.

So, what details comprise the iphone box style?

  1. Eye-appealing clean brilliant white color of the paper box,
  2.  Fantastic soft touch feel of the box when new owners touch it for the first time
  3.  Elegant body with creative designed structure.  Every element of the packaging box is carefully conceived not only to protect the product and accessories, but also to display the same esthetic beauty that Apple applies to its product.
  4.  Amazing unpacking or unboxing experience.  Pull off the top, and the iPhone is presented to its new owner sitting on a slab of glossy plastic, like an expensive diamond. Hidden underneath are its accessories and instructions.

Below are some custom paper boxes that we made of the iphone box style. DE Printed Box is a leading  custom paper box located in Shanghai of China, dedicated to supply the clients worldwide the premium quality boxes. If you need custom paper box to do, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A custom rigid paper box of the iphone box style

A custom rigid paper box of the iphone box style

rigid paper box of iphone box style

On the top is the back side of the box, on the bottom is the front side of the box for the top lid.

Custom paper presentation box

A soft touch white color paper presentation box.


Matte Black Paper Box for Wine Glass Packaging.

This article is about a wine glass packaging box, which is matte black with the glossy silver foil stamping.  We made the custom paper box for The Queens Jewels in USA.

custom paper box for wine glass

The wine glass is pretty, but fragile.  Picture owned by The Queens Jewels.

The wine glass is beautiful, but it is easily broken and shattered. The fragile wine glass needs a special packaging design to make it safe during the shipment and handling process. Meantime, the paperboard used should be rigid enough too.  Also, we need the correct printing and finish for custom paper box to achieve a perfect match of the glass inside.

In order to hold the wine glass steady without wiggling movement inside the custom paper box, a unique structure is created on the tuck top flaps. As you can see, 2 extra ears are extended from the side flaps to fold into the glass. The ears then hold the glass in place.

As for the paperboard used, we adopt the E flute corrugated board to have a custom E flute corrugated box, tuck top snap locked bottom. Quite pretty!

wine glass corrugated box

Special structure on the tuck top of the wine glass box

As for the printing and finish, the wine glass box is matte black color printed and with the glossy silver printing for the brand name of the wine glass. Q

custom paper box for wine glass packaging

The custom wine glass paper box is matte black color printed with the glossy silver foil.

Shanghai DE Printed Box is a professional custom paper box supplier located in Shanghai of China. If you have a printed paper box to do, please do not hesitate to give us an email.

Below is the email sent from the client when he god the boxes.

I am hoping that if this business continues that I can travel to China and meet you and the others that I have been working with. My wife and I could not have been so successful without you and several others making our products for us!

I sincerely appreciate your hard work and dealing with the issues of getting money over to you! Western Union said it should take 3-5 days to get to you.
I believe the phrase to use is “You have been a great friend!”. I can’t thank you enough!


E Flute Corrugated Box With Cardboard Insert

This article is about 2 E flute corrugated boxes with the cardboard insert that we just made for a client in USA.

Compared with the foam insert and blister insert, the cardboard insert is the most cost-effective solution. A big problem with the foam insert and thermo-formed tray insert is the extremely high mould cost, particularly when the order quantity is small, which can increase the unit cost a lot. While the cutting die cost for the corrugated paperboard is quite low. And the corrugated insert works well to protect the items inside, which is widely used in the electronics packaging boxes, cosmetic paper boxes and bottle packaging boxes. Another vantage point of the corrugated insert is the low sampling cost.

Roll End Tuck Top Box With Dust Flaps

The E flute corrugated box in the picture below is a roll end tuck top box with the dust flaps, which is a very common style for the postage purpose, used as mailer boxes.

E flute corrugated box with corrugated insert

Corrugated insert inside the E flute corrugated box

As you can see, the corrugated box has a die-cut paperboard insert inside. The cardboard has several different cutouts, which are used to hold the various parts of the products.

E flute corrugated box with paperboard insert

CMYK full color printing for the E flute corrugated box

The E flute box is CMYK full color printed with the glossy varnish outside. It is quite pretty, isn’t it?  And the paperboard insert has the same printing too.

Tuck Top Auto Bottom Box

Below is a E flute corrugated printed box which is a tuck top and auto bottom box. The box also has the corrugated insert inside to separate the different parts of the product.

E flute corrugated printed box with cardboard insert

E flute corrugated printed box with cardboard insert