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Inquiry for folding cardboard boxes and accessories

custom perfume paper box with corrugated paperboard insert

The custom perfume paper box and its white corrugated paperboard insert

The project is drawn out in this download (Adobe Illustrator PDFs in ZIP):…(if you need .ai project please let me know).
Cut lines for the custom paper box are magenta, creasing lines are cyan. The glueing for box wrap is not shown, but it’s on the right “leftover” part of the project/ You’ll know when you see it.
Spot UV – a yellow spot overprint.
The list for the printed paper box:
1. Box wrap, GC1 board paper 300g/m2, print CMYK 4/0 + matte foil one side + Spot UV + sticky strips. Qty: 30 x 100pcs. Please remember that there are 30 different UV masks for Spot UV (we use different shapes for pictures, texts etc). The box wrap has to fit well the Inner box (tight enough). Is it possible that we get wraps finished (stickied) – we need to be sure that they fit the Inner box perfectly.
2. Inner box (2-piece, bottom and cover), GC1 board paper 300g/m2, print  CMYK 4/4 + matte foil one side + sticky strips. Qty: 3000 sets. For the inner box we have two different designs possible, but eventually we will use only one, so please quote only one.
Boxes delivered flat for assembly by us. But they have to match the box wrap.
3. Rigid insert, GC1 board paper 300g/m2, print CMYK 4/0. Qty: 3000pcs.
4a. Hang tags (two piece), GC1 board paper 400g/m2, print CMYK 4/4 + matte foil two sides + Spot UV (for the black piece). Qty: 3000-5000 sets.
4b. Hang tags (two piece), GC1 board paper 400g/m2, print CMYK 4/4 + matte dispersion varnish both sides. Qty: 3000-5000 sets. (version with white text instead of Spot UV, no foil finishing
5. Wrap paper, delicate tissue paper 17-20g/m2, white print one side, ready sheets in provided size (see project file). Qty: 3000szt. (more if necessary due to production process)
If you can, please also quote string seal tags, version flat printed on both sides (no emboss). Qty 3000-5000
What would be shipping cost for all of the above to 45-301 Opole, Poland.
Is it possible to get Inserts (3) shipped to factory in China or Taiwan for them to use before they ship hosiery products to us?
Would you recommend other type of paper (instead of GC1 300gsm and 400gsm)? We need rigid paper that offers good white color for wrap, box, insert, and even thicker paper for hang tags?
And the last question, is it possible to get some samples of our designs printed on target paper (GC1 and other offered paper) with target finishing? (no cutting necessary)
Any questions, please feel free to ask.

About the embossing problem for a rigid paper box

My name is Michael and I am the graphic designer of Baserange, a French/Danish womenswear brand. We’re developing a set of packaging, please see a sketch attached showing the measurements and a rough sketch on. The rigid paper boxes feature 3D-embossing and the logo is printed using black matte foil. We’re a bit in a rush so a swift reply is appreciated. We would need to have a sample the first week of June.

3D effect on a rigid paper box

3D effect on the rigid paper box. Embossing finish can be very vivid and real.

I have a couple of technical questions and the 3D-emboss. As you see in the sketch I have made 2 x 3D-files and I wonder how high/low the emboss can be? Is 2-3 mm possible?
Also, I have the 3D-files in the 3DS format, is this ok for your CNC-machine to develop the dies?
We mainly work with environmentally friendly paper and would it be ok to use
“118gsm EGF – Evergreen 50/50 – Balanced White” As wrapping paper?
It’s made from 50% bamboo/50% recycled paper
The embossing is usually 1-2mm.
The 2D graphic PDF file would be ok. Then the technician will adjust the machine to develop the dies.
The SBS C1S paperboard will be used as the wrapping paper, because it is 100% virgin pulp. It has the finest printing quality.
The emboss we’re looking for is not a usual 2D emboss but a 3D/multilevel emboss. I attach an image of the 3D file I have and also an example of what a multi-level emboss look like.
Can you do such a thing?
I understand what you mean. The machine will be adjusted manually by the technician to create the vivid 3D effect. The machine just can not read the 3d fille.
I understand, but do you think we can get all the details of structure and textures that are in the 3D file? It’s a very different kind of graphic than the bag you’re currently working on.
Yes maybe we should make a try as you suggest, how quickly could you do a test you think?
We can not reproduce all the details of structure and textures that are in the 3D file. I guess your requirement for the embossing is very high. I am just afraid that we can not meet your standard.
Besides the embossing, you can also use the spot UV, which can create a 3D effect too. On the matte black surface, you have a black spot uv for the image. You will get a great visual effect.
Yes the details are important for this box as it’s so simple and the 3D emboss is the only feature on it. And you cannot outsource the production of a 3D-die? But maybe it won’t fit your other machines? I guess this emboss need both a positive and negative die.
Yes I’ve used UV varnish in the past but it won’t work for this I’m afraid.
3D embossing effect on the white rigid paper box

3D embossing effect on the rigid paper box.

But PDF or AI doesn’t work for such a file. It’s 3D data and is in a 3DS file, a PDF cannot contain such data.
Please let me know if 3DS is ok with the die maker.

About a Cylindrical Round Paper Box

This is about a packaging solution to a cylindrical round paper box. The round paper box  is a special rigid paper box, which is used to pack various cosmetic products. And it is a very common cardboard gift box.

round paper box cylindrical paper box

A great design for a round paper box

I would like to begin working with you on sampling the Bombay Electric boxes.
These will be easier than Baserange and we would like to sample and make the final production within the coming five weeks, so it will be a lot more rapid, especially as the client is a lot quicker.

I attach instruction files for the first three packages

– Bombay Electric & Selfridges – Sari Packaging
A pocket packaging that is closed at the top with a elastic and feature holes on the front to show the indian Sari inside and offset and emboss on the back. A simple package. Only 500 are needed of this one.

– Bombay Electric – Small Box – Print & Priview
A small box for shirts and lighter dresses. A offset printed package on pearl style paper so that the colors changes a bit depending on the angle you hold it in. Rigid construction. Logo in foil and deboss. 1000 copies (might be more).

– Bombay Electric – Jewellery Box – Print & Priview
Very much the same as the Small Box but cylinder shaped. 1000 copies (might be more).

How much will it cost to sample these, just 2 copies of each? And what will the final production price be for each of them?
I’ll fix the payment for the samples straight away so you can begin the sampling.

Also, can you make protective bags for these boxes, with bubble wrap on the inside and paper on the outside?

I look forward to hear from you Kris and I look forward to work with you in this!