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Perforation On the Corrugated Printed Box

Perforation is a finish which produces a series of small holes in the corrugated board, then the customer can tear the paperboard easily and neatly.

For the custom corrugated box which is sealed by the tape or glue, the perforation finish is sometimes used. Then the customer can easily open the paper printed box by tearing the paperboard.

Today we will talk about an important usage of the perforation on the corrugated printed boxes.  Then the custom paper box can be used both as a shipping carton and a corrugated display box. Usually the top part of the E flute corrugated is well designed to have a creative perforation, then part of the top can be easily removed to display the item inside.

E flute corrugated printed box with perforation

The top part can be easily teared apart from the custom corrugated box.

The part on the top of the custom corrugated printed box can be easily teared apart. Then it acts as a header for the display box by clipping into the hole on the back of the paper printed box.

On the back of custom paper box, a half circle is die cut to create a clip structure, then the header can be clipped there.

custom corrugated box with perforation finish

The teared corrugated paperboard is inserted to the clip of the box and acts as a header for the display paper box.

This is a E flute corrugated box, which is made of the 2mm thick corrugated board.  The box has the tuck closure on the top and the snap locked closure at the bottom.

E flute corrugated printed box

The custom paper box works as a retail paper box or shipping carton.

The custom corrugated box first works as a shipping box to pack the deck pedestal inside in the factory. Then it works as a display paper box in the retail store .

Custom Paper Box Design

A custom corrugated printed box with the hanging hole and clear plastic window.

A potted flower is CYMK full color printed on the matte pink surface of the custom paper box. The paper box is made of the E flute corrugated board, which can also be printed inside or white color inside.

corrugated printed box with hanging hole

Pink flowers CMYK full color printed on the front side of the matte pink paper box.

The pot has dark black color with green plant inside with very beautiful flowers.

The custom corrugated box has a hanging hole on the top and a snap locked bottom at the bottom.

custom paper box dieline free dieline template

Dieline for the custom paper box

We offer the free dieline template creating if you need us to make a custom paper box for you.  The hanging tab is very well designed to make it hold a heavy item inside, over 3kg.

Besides, customers in the shop can also preview the item inside through the clear plastic pvc window on the front. The PVC sheet is 0.2mm thick with very high clean transparancy level.

For the upper closure on the top, it is a tuck tab structure to lock the box very tightly.

Meanwhile, the custom paper box can also be printed inside to have a corrugated box printed inside and outside. It is widely used as a retail paper box, or corrugated mailer box.


A Sliding Rigid Paper Box With Custom EVA Cutout

The slide rigid paper box can can work like a drawer, which can easily slide open.  It is widely used to be a gift paper box, cardboard gift box with the custom EVA foam cutout inside to hold the various items.

There is a great benefit about the custom EVA foam cutout. The hole on the foam can be slightly smaller than the actual dimension of the item inside. The great cushion propert make the EVA hold the item very well and tightly during the transportation and delivery process.  For the fragile glass products and gift products, the EVA foam cutout can effectively protect them from bumping into each other.

This is quite a simple but gorgeous white color gift paper box, which is designed to hold some small glass bottles. It has only the black text printing outside. But all texts are black foil stamped onto the surface of the paper box. It has a delicate black glossy effect, which is very luxurious and impressive.

The wrapping paper outside the custom paper box is a very impressive specialty paper. It has the clean white visual effect of a high gloss. And the drawer inside is a balck specialty paper with the custom embossed patterns.

Also, there is a ribbon tab attached to the drawer, then the paper printed box can be easily slide open.