Packaging Design

Packaging Box design is the process of creating a custom paper boxes to safely package a product while realizing its marketing value. Get inspired to create your unique packaging design.

Understand Paper Stock

To choose a paper stock correctly for your packaging paper box project, you need to understand three basic things: paper type, paper weight and finishing options. These three things collectively are often understood as Paper Stock Paper Type Before we describe the difference between paper stocks, it’s a good idea to understand that paper basically

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Digital Proofs vs Press Proofs

The printed proof of a printed paper box is a dispassionate simulation of the ultimate output – a CMYK press sheet. The mission of a proofing system is to create accurate predictions, not pretty pictures. The primary goal of ‘proofing’ is to serve as a tool for customer verification that the entire job is accurate.

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File Format For Printing

With regard to the file formats for the printing of the paper printed box, the AI format is strongly recommended. If you don’t have an AI format, PDF format would work too. Below are some introductions to the common image formats for printing. 1. Native file format — acceptable print format for printers When preparing

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5 Things Graphic Designers Are Supposed To Know When It Comes To Print

In the past decade, I’ve had a few hundred ‘just out of university’ graphic design interns through our door. Some with extremely portfolios of work, some with potential. Each time they have started, I have been astounded as to their almost ignorance of designing for print. They knew fundamentals of typography, white space, colour scheming,

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Understand LPI and DPI for Better Packaging Printing

Image resolution for printing – LPI and DPI When we prepare the artwork of the custom paper boxes for printing, we come across a lot of jargon, like pixels, ppi, dpi, spi, lpi. In this post, we will have a full explanation for these terms.  Reference: Part1: Raster Image, Pixels, Resolution, PPI, DPI, SPI What

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