Printing And Finish

Get Inspired to choose the appropriate printing anf finish methods for your packaging design.

How to Create a Dieline

Here we explain the basics of paper box dielines and how to create one in Illustrator from a pre-existing package. For this tutorial, I used a small gum pack. A dieline template is a flattened outline of the cut and fold lines for a package; it serves as a template. Designers often receive dielines from …

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Preview Seperations in Illustrator

CMYK Color Mode is what we use in the printing. First, we need make sure that the artwork we open in the Adobe Illustrator is working under the CMYK mode. Click File — Document Color Mode — CMYK Color Mode Second, click Window — Seperations Preview to open the Seperation Preview window.Then check the Overprint …

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Paper Grammage(GSM), PT and Thickness Comparison and Conversion Table

Printed Paper Box Materials For the custom paper box, the paper printed box is usually made of 4 kinds of paperboards. The SBS paperboard is white color inside and outside, which is widely used for the cosmetic paper boxes. The CUK, also referred to as SUS, is white color outside and kraft brown color inside, …

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Why is Bleed so Important?

Before we discuss the importance and necessity of bleed, let’s first expain what bleed is. 1. What is bleed in printing? Below is a paiting to be printed. The blue line refers to the cut line or dieline. Everything outside the blue line will be trimmed. The bleed line is 3mm away from the cut …

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