Matte Black Slide Rigid Box

This article is about a slide rigid box we made for Turner Motorsport in USA. Turner Motorsport / // Parts & Performance for BMWs The slide rigid box consists of 2 parts, the outer cover and the inner tray.  The outer cover can have opening on one sides or both sides. On the top

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激光刀模的价格 对于印刷包装中的卡纸盒,瓦楞纸盒,激光刀模所使用的板材大多数都是用18MM的木板 和23.8*0.71的国产刀。国产刀模,目前市场的平均价格为25元/米。台湾刀的质量比较高,平均价格在35元/米,多用于礼盒中的灰板模切。一般来说,激光刀模的起价在70元左右。 For the cardboard gift boxes, paper printed boxes, corrugated printed boxes, and laser cutter molds used in printing and packaging, most of the plates used are 18mm wood boards and 23.8*0.71 domestic knives. The average price of domestic knife molds is currently 25 yuan per meter. The quality of Taiwanese knives is

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Soft Touch Finish and Laminating

As a leading China packaging box supplier, Shanghai DE Printed Box supplies the soft touch finish for its various custom paper boxes. The soft touch finish is widely used for the high-end cosmetic paper boxes and rigid paper boxes. Also because of it great scuff-resistance property, it is widely used for the matte black or

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