The Process Of Packaging Design

There are six steps in the process of the packaging design. They are business analysis, market research, similar package study, new trend understanding, information collection and packaging solution plan. Business Need Analysis In the beginning of the packaging design, the designer should communicated effectively with the business. Thus, he can fully understand the company need. […]

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Key Points of Packaging Design

Accuracy Most importantly, the package is supposed to convey product information clearly and accurately. Next, the package designer should strive to have a bespoke design for the products. A bespoke design is a custom design, reflecting the individual personality of the product and the company. It should be unique and novel. Thus, it can attract

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Function of The Packaging

The packaging function is the role the package plays on the packed products. And the role depends on the effect that businesses want to have. There are mainly 3 purposes to use a package: protection, convenience and marketing. Keep the products safe Protection is the first requirement of a good package. For instance, a glass

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Commercial Packaging And Industrial Packaging

Packaging Classification According to function, packaging can be divided into 2 major categories. One is the commercial packaging, and the other is the industrial packaging. In the daily life, most printed paper boxes are commercial packaging and most corrugated boxes are industrial packaging. Industrial Packaging Transportation and Storage is the primary purpose of the industrial

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The History of China Packaging Design

As a container, packaging is indispensable for human survival. It is a way to store and protect food and daily necessities. At first, people used leaves, shells, shellfish and other natural materials to wrap things. With the progress of productivity, man has created man-made packaging containers. According to archaeological research, Peking Man (450000 years ago)

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Overview of Packaging Design

1. Definition of packaging Packaging is an inseparable part of modern commodities, and it plays an important role. At present, packaging has become an important link in the market economy. From a narrow perspective, it is using various materials to wrap the goods. In Chinese, we write the word package as in the picture below.

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F Flute Corrugated Box

In this post, we will talk about a F flute corrugated box printed inside and outside. It is used to pack the home testing kits. Package Design Requirement The client absolutely loves our packaging. He wanted to reach out to see if we could help with the packaging. The paper printed box is for a

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