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A Rigid Paper Box For Display

For the cosmetic products and jewelry products, the package are supposed to be beautiful, luxury and eye-appealing and the custom rigid paper boxes are mostly used for this packaging purpose. Meanwhile, the cosmetic retailers usually also need the package to hold, present and display their products in the store. Therefore, a rigid paper box with the display and presentation function would be very useful. In this article, we will talk about a sample paper box we made for an USA client.

rigid display paper box

This rigid display box is custom lift off lid rigid paper box with the green neck in the middle. 

On the outside, the custom paper box features a beautiful green neck between the upper lid and the bottom base. It is very eye-appealing.

The lift off lid rigid paper box above has the custom design for the base, then the package can have the presentation and display function. Inside the base is a white color EVA foam with the round cutout. The body of the base is slim and elegant.

rigid paper box for display

Rigid paper box for display. 

The rigid display box has only 3 colors, white, black and green. The white color is for the wrapping paper outside. It is a piece of super white specialty paper with the soft touch finish. The black color is for the texts and the green color is for the logo and the inside color of the box. The whole package gives people a feeling of freshness and newness.

Custom Paper Box for the Lipstick Packaging

We just made a custom paper box for the lipstick packaging for a Sweden client, Marena Beaute. Maréna Beauté is a new Swedish cosmetics brand that offers high-quality makeup for dark skin. The color palette of the makeup has been exclusively developed to match the complexions of women of color. The collection was launched in 2015 by the black makeup artist Diarry Maréna, originally from Senegal.

custom paper printed box, cosmetic paper box, lipstick paper box

Deep bronze foil color on the left, light bronze foil stamping color in the middle, silver paperboard on the right

The sample making of this custom lipstick paper box is a process, which has 3 stages.

Cosmetic paper boxes usually are usually made of the specialty paperboard with fine textures. At the beginning, we chose the matte silver cardboard, which has the gorgeous look outside. The matter silver luster is very eye-appealing and looks quite upscale. However, this paper just doesn’t fit in. We forgot that the lipstick is specially designed for the dark skin. A silver look is more appropriate for the white skin.

Since the silver paperboard didn’t work. We had to follow the designer’s instruction to print a PMS color, Pantone Cool Gray 11C. It turned out that this gray color was quite a brilliant idea. We achieved great success by using this color. It looked very beautiful, particularly for the people of dark skin.

After we got the correct paper material, we had to pick the perfect color for the bronze foil stamping, which has many color variations. We tried the deep bronze foil color and light bronze foil color. The light bronze color stands out. The matte deep gray color of the paper box is a great match for this light bronze foil color. The paper box quite agrees with the designer’s idea that dark skin can stand out to be beautiful.

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A Complete Guide to UV Printing in Paper Package

UV technology offers the package printing manufacturers an alternative to the conventional litho offset printing.

It is divided into two categories, UV offset printing and UV varnishing. UV offset printing has the same mechanism as the conventional litho offset printing, exepting that the special formulated UV inks dries through a completely different process.

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