Packaging Design

Packaging Box design is the process of creating a custom paper boxes to safely package a product while realizing its marketing value. Get inspired to create your unique packaging design.


人心不古的年代,一些黑心的货代总是胡乱收费,外贸企业生存艰难,利润微薄,同志们要用知识和专业武装自己的头脑,与货代邪恶势力周旋过招,以免自己好不容易挣下的几个血汗小钱被货代骗取。以下资料根据个人外贸工作经历和互联网搜索信息进行整理,仅供参考。良心的货代公司可以把自己的费用(指定货代费用)清单发给我们(,我们可以在下面列出你们相应的公司名称,联系方式,网址和费用详细。 FOB费用构成及大概费用 FOB费用主要包括: 订舱费,拖车费(trucking fee),报关费(custom clearance fee),码头操作费(THC),文件费(DOC),进仓费等。如果不是柜货(FCL),是散货拼箱(LCL),则会产生拼箱费(CFS,有时成内装费)等。假如货代为客户指定,则会产生进仓费和操作费(handling fee)。 常见费用: Trucking Fee (拖车费) Booking Fee (订舱费) Custom Clearance Fee (报关费)RMB130 O/F(OCEAN FREIGHT 基本海运费用) ORC(Origin Receiving Charge本地出口附加费,始发地交接费用)RMB1100/1850/1850 THC(Terminal Handling Charge码头费用)RMB750/1100/1100 CFS (Container Freight Station拼箱费,内装费) 60RMB/CBM DOC(Document文件费用)RMB300/BL,HPL是RMB400/BL,其他船在4/15号后变350RMB T/R (Telex Release电放费用)RMB300/BL AMS/ACI(America Manifest System出口北美货物预申报费用)USD25/SET ENS (Entry Summary Declaration入境摘要报关单) USD25/SET Warehouse Charge(进仓费,卸货费,仓库费) 上海这边拼箱的费用一般包括: 内装费用(CFS或者拼箱费)45-100RMB/CBM(45良心货代,60正常,70,80,90,绝对黑心货代直接让客户换货代) + 报关费用 115-150RMB/票 + 操作费用 200RMB/票 …

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Paper Introduction: Antalis—Arjowiggins—Curious Collection

A Complete Introduction to the Curious Collection creative paper from Arjowiggins of Antalis. (中文译为:康戴里—星域系列) In Shanghai DE Printed Box, we use the curious collection creative paper to make the luxury rigid paper boxes as per the request of our clients. Antalis Introduction Antalis is a world leading distributor of paper, packaging solutions and visual communication products for professionals. …

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5S and Printed Packaging Enterprise

As a leading China packaging box supplier and China paper box manufacturer, Shanghai DE Printed Box implements the 5S management system to eliminate/reduce the waste and to improve the productivity. What is 5S? Shine or Scrub: clean the workplace Sort or Simplify: seperate the useful items from the unwanted items; get rid of the unwanted …

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Green Printing and Sustainable Paper Package

Green Paper Package Printing In DE Printed Box It is Shanghai DE Printed Box’s mission to develop the sustainable package (paper printed boxes, bags, and corrugated printed boxes) with green printing. DE is dedicated to use the latest printing technology in its various flexo and litho offset printing processes to protect the enviroment. Reduce the Emission of …

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