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Black Color Corrugated Board Inserts

black color E flute corrugated board insert
Black Color E Flute Corrugated Board Insert

At Shanghai DE Printed Box, we supply the black color corrugated board inserts for the candle paper boxes, perfume paper boxes and some other cosmetic paper boxes.

Black Color E Flute Corrugated Board Insert

The black color corrugated board inserts usually consists of 2 types according to the thickness. One is the black color E flute insert, which is around 1.8mm in thickness and is mostly used in in the cosmetic paper boxes. The thicker paperboard can provide very good protection to keep the bottles inside safe. The other is the black color F flute insert, which is around 1mm in thickness. Besides the black color inserts, the white color corrugated inserts are widely used too.

There are 2 main concerns involved when our clients choose a black color corrugated board insert. First of all, safety of the products is the utmost concern, because bottles and plastic tubes are usually used to pack the perfumes and most cosmetic products, which is easy to break during the delivery and rough handling processes. Thus, the package needs to handled with the utmost care. Thanks to the great cushion property of the black color E flute corrugated board insert, it can greatly enhance the safety of the products inside the printed paper box during the transportation. Furthermore, the black color corrugated board inserts provide the cosmetic paper box very good rigidity inside to keep the package in good shape without being easily crushed. Therefore, the black color E flute inserts can also give the custom paper box a very good look outside to appeal the potential customers, which is the other concern of our clients.

black paper printed box with silver foil and spot UV
Black Paper Box With Silver Foil and Spot UV

Recently, we made a custom black paper box for a client in New Zealand. The black color corrugated board inserts are required inside the black paper box to protect the candles inside.

The candles have the heavy weight. There must be a durable package to carry the candles. The black color E flute inserts can meet this requirement perfectly. Meantime, the candles are exquisite, looking very beautiful and delicate. Thus, an attractive and desirable package is necessary. In order to give the candle paper box a luxury look, the spot UV and silver foil finish are employed, which give the custom paper box a very gorgeous look outside.

White Color E Flute Corrugated Board Insert

In addition to the black color, Shanghai DE Printed Box also supplies the white color E flute, F flute corrugated paperboard inserts, which are widely employed in the cosmetic paper boxes, for the packaging of perfume, cream, etc. The white color is put in use when the package designer attempts to communicate an impression of simplicity, cleanness and purity to the clients in the paper printed box. With the color of snow, the coolness can be felt immediately when a perfume paper box with white corrugated insert is open. 

white color E flute corrugated board insert

White, the color of snow, which is symbolic of coolness, cleaness and purity is one of the favorite colors for the package designers.


Custom Paper Box for the Lipstick Packaging

We just made a custom paper box for the lipstick packaging for a Sweden client, Marena Beaute. Maréna Beauté is a new Swedish cosmetics brand that offers high-quality makeup for dark skin. The color palette of the makeup has been exclusively developed to match the complexions of women of color. The collection was launched in 2015 by the black makeup artist Diarry Maréna, originally from Senegal.

custom paper printed box, cosmetic paper box, lipstick paper box

Deep bronze foil color on the left, light bronze foil stamping color in the middle, silver paperboard on the right

The sample making of this custom lipstick paper box is a process, which has 3 stages.

Cosmetic paper boxes usually are usually made of the specialty paperboard with fine textures. At the beginning, we chose the matte silver cardboard, which has the gorgeous look outside. The matter silver luster is very eye-appealing and looks quite upscale. However, this paper just doesn’t fit in. We forgot that the lipstick is specially designed for the dark skin. A silver look is more appropriate for the white skin.

Since the silver paperboard didn’t work. We had to follow the designer’s instruction to print a PMS color, Pantone Cool Gray 11C. It turned out that this gray color was quite a brilliant idea. We achieved great success by using this color. It looked very beautiful, particularly for the people of dark skin.

After we got the correct paper material, we had to pick the perfect color for the bronze foil stamping, which has many color variations. We tried the deep bronze foil color and light bronze foil color. The light bronze color stands out. The matte deep gray color of the paper box is a great match for this light bronze foil color. The paper box quite agrees with the designer’s idea that dark skin can stand out to be beautiful.

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Paper Bag Dieline Template Creating

1. How to calculate the unfolded size of the paper bag?

Unfolded length: 2 x length + 2 x width + 1.6 ~ 2cm(gluing)

Unfolded width: height + 3.5 ~ 5cm (folding inside on the top) + 0.5 * width + 2cm

custom paper bag china paper supplier

Glossy black printing outside the custom paper bag

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