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The Pretty Cosmetic Boxes Made by DE Printed Box

For the past ten years, we have been producing tens of thousands of pretty cosmetic boxes for the global cosmetic industry. The products include the lipstick boxes, eye brush boxes, face brush boxes, lip balm boxes and more. Below are some examples.

Lipstick Box

This lipstick box is printed inside out. It has the soft touch matte laminating outside. The logo is silver foil stamped. And the top lid is spot UV varnished.  There are many advantages for the soft touch film laminating outside. 1). It gives the box a velvet feeling, soft touch feel. 2). Also, it prevents the cracks on the folding line of the box. 3). It is rub resistant.

lipstick box

Lipstick Box — cosmetic packaging boxes

soft touch siver foil stamping matte black lipstick box cosmetic packaging

Straight Tuck End Box Style, Sivler Logo Hot Foil Stamping, Soft Touch, Matte Black

Eye Brush Box

The eye brush packaging box below is made of the luxury aluminium foil paperboard. On the front side of the box is the embossed logo which is spot UV varnished. The box style is STE box style too. As for the black color, we add 30% cyan to the pure black 100% which leads to the gorgeous black effect.

cosmetic paper box spot UV varnished embossed logo

Eye Brush Box — cosmetic packaging box

foil aluminium paperboard box

Eye Brush Box — Made of the aluminium foil paperboard

paper box embossed and spot uv varnished logo

Cosmetic Box— the logo is spot UV varnished and embossed.

Lip Balm Box

This is a straight tuck end lip balm packaging box with the tab on the top. On the front panle, it has the PET window to disply the lipbalm tube inside. The tube is placed within a clear PET blister. Many parts on the box is spot UV varnished to add the luxury feel. Also this cosmetic box is soft touch and printed inside and out.

cosmetic box with the clear pet window

Lip Balm Box — cosmetic box

spot uv varnished cosmetic box

Spot UV Varnished Cosmetic Box

spot uv varnished paper box

Side View of the Lip Balm Box

ste style cosmetic box with tab

STE Cosmetic Box with Tab

Mask Packaging Box

Below is a cosmetic paper box for the moisturizing and whitening mask packaging. The matte cream white box surface has the great soft touch feel.  As for the box style, it is a typical tuck top snap locked bottom box, also referred to TTSLB or TTSB. Besides, the big flower on the top right corner of the box is spot UV varnished, which makes the box looks fantastic. The thick UV varnish layer gives the flower an embossing effect, very eye-appealing.

tuck top snap bottom cosmetic paper box

Top View of the Cosmetic Packaging Box

Spot UV for the flower on the left top corner

Spot UV for the flower on the left top corner


Snap locked bottom

Snap locked bottom

Cosmetic Paper Box with Spot UV Varnishing for the Logo

Cosmetic Paper Box with Spot UV Varnishing for the Logo

When to Use the Plain Black Color?

Plain Black for the Small Text

plain black for small text and misregistration

How does misregistration happen

At Shanghai DE Printed Box, we recommend that all the small black texts should be designed with the plain black color. The plain black, also called pure black color on the artwork means that only the black ink is used to create the text on the paper. For the CMYK value, C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=100%. Or it will lead to legible problems due to the misregistration during the printing process.

Once a clent let us do the tea boxes for him and sent us his artwork. After our designer checked his artwork, we found a big issue. The text on the paper box was very small. The line was extremely thin. The color combination was rich black, C86 M85 Y79 K100. This is a typical error for the text design. You may ask what would happen for this color combination.

Depending on the printing press, paper stock and the ink, there is usually a max ink coverage on the paperstock, 240-280%. While for the rich black color above, the value was 86+85+79+100=350. Then the paper would be over-inked. And we would be at the risk of ink smears and blurs.  The risk would be extremly high when the small text was to be printed.

Black Small Text Printed in Rich Black

Another problem might happen too. That is misregistration. During the printing process, it will be very difficult for the press operator to align the 4 plates. This will lead to the blurry text. Under some circumstances, the texts can not be legible at all.

text blur problem caused by the mis-registration


Therefore, we advise that the small black text are created with the pure black to have a clean and crisp feel.

rich black color and plain balck color for printing

Rich Black and Plain Back Illustration

Plain Black for the Barcode

Due to the misregistration of the small lines on the barcode, the rick black barcode may not be recognized by the barcode scanner. The plain black is a must for the barcode printing.

What is Registration and Misregistration?

All the elements on the artwork, which includes the images, texts and blank areas are supposed to be precisely printed on the intended position of the paper. For example, there is a coral-pink flower on the artwork, which is made of the M color and Y color. M=50% Y=25%. Then during the printing process, the magenta flower image printed by the magenta plate should be precisely aligned with the yellow flower printed by the yellow plate.


CMYK Printing Process

Rich Black for the Background Image

However, if you need a black background for your paper box, we recommend that you add CYAN 30-40 or Magent 30-40 to the Black 100. C 30-40, K100 will create a rich cold black color, while M 30-40, K 100 will create a warm black color. The C 30-40 is most widely used for the black background. However, if you use only the pure K 100 black color, the printed black color will look a little grey.

Last week, we made the face brush boxes and tea brush boxes for a French client. He created the artwork himself and the background was pure black. We changed the pure black to rich black with C 30. After we showed him the sample printed box, he liked a lot.

5S and Printed Packaging Enterprise

In Shanghai DE Printed Box, we implements the 5S management system to eliminate/reduce the waste and to improve the productivity.

Sort or Simplify:
seperate the useful items from the unwanted items;
get rid of the unwanted items;

Shine or Scrub:
clean the workplace

Set in Order or Staighten or Systematically Arrangement:
arrange the useful items systematically so they can be easily found and selected for use

Sustain or Stabilize:

keeps sorting, shining, setting in order to sustain the clean and tidy state.

Standardize or Self-discipline:

Standardize the good practice in the first 4 steps.