A Custom Perfume Paper Box

The cosmetic paper boxes, like perfume paper boxes usually have the premium quality compared with other packaging boxes. The paperboard used are specialty papers with the excellent sense of touch and visual. Meantime, more than 2 finishes, like gold foil, spot UV, embossing are applied to render the customer a kind of high-end and luxury

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Cubic Jewelry Paper Box

This article is about a custom cubic jewelry paper box, we made for a Aura Jewelry in Switzerland. The jewelry paper box features a very luxury gold foil finish on the front of the box. Because the logo is quite complicated consisting of many tiny dots and thin lines, there is a very high requirement

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Book Style Rigid Folder

Recently we came across a book style rigid folder, which is used for the packaging of the screen protector. The rigid folder has the very simple design, which includes only a cardboard book cover and a rectangular frame made of the EVA foam, which is glued on the back of the book cover inside. The

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